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Davos. President Andrzej Duda to CNBC: For now, we are not doing enough to fully stop the Russian invasion

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We have actually done so much that the Russian edge has been blunted by the help we provide to Ukraine, said President Andrzej Duda, who is attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, in an interview with CNBC. However, he assessed that “so far we are not doing enough to fully stop the Russian invasion.”

– Today, a condition, an indicator of what will happen next with Ukraineis the degree of assistance that is provided to Ukraine by Western countries, European Union countries, but not only, also by United Statesby Australia, Canada, by all those who are, as we say, part of the free world – said the president.

He added that “Vladimir Putin he wants to enslave Ukraine, he wants to extend his regime to Ukraine, he wants to take away the freedom of Ukrainians.” – Why? Because Ukrainians have decided that they want to be part of the community of free countries, they want to be part of the EU, they want to be part of NATO, which is widely talked about said in recent years – stressed Duda.

– Me, but not only me, because many experts directly say that the fact that Putin attacked Ukraine for the first time in 2014, and then there was full-screen aggression in February last year, is precisely the action that is supposed to stop this the process of moving countries from the former sphere of influence of the Soviet Union towards the commonwealth of the West, towards a community of free and democratic states, added the president.

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Andrzej Duda gave an interview to a CNBC journalistJakub Szymczuk/KPRP

As he said, “this is a question today that the whole part of the world, which we call the free world, asks itself and must ask itself.” – Is it acceptable that other countries, other nations will be enslaved by such tyrants as Putin, who deny all the rules of democracy, who want to introduce terror, who want to enslave others, use their potential for their own purposes, or do we believe that a free the world must develop and every nation has the right to self-determination. If we believe so, we must defend Ukraine, he stressed.

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Duda: We are not doing enough to fully stop the Russian invasion

Asked if the message he wants to convey to his partners is that if Putin is not detained in Ukraine, then he will try to make territorial gains elsewhere in Europe, the president replied: “Yes, of course.” – We, Poles, very often recall that it was said for the first time in 2008 during the Russian aggression against Georgia, our president, professor Lech Kaczynski. Then he stood on the main street of Tbilisi, where crowds of people gathered, and said: Today Georgia, tomorrow maybe the Baltic States, Ukraine, and later maybe my country, Poland,” he added.

Asked about support for Ukraine and whether the offer to supply Leopard 2 tanks is a signal to Germany that much more needs to be done for Ukraine to win this war, the president said that for now, he believes, we are not doing enough to fully stop the Russian invasion. – We have done so much that the Russian blade has been blunted by the help we are giving. Although I always repeat that it is mainly due to the heroism of Ukrainians who defend their homeland. Because they die, they give their lives, they bleed on the battlefield with the Russians, said the president.

President in Davos: We hope that Germany will transfer tanks to UkraineReuters

Duda on Poland’s dispute with the European Union

Duda also referred to Poland’s dispute with the European Union in connection with the provisions on the judiciary. He was asked why European Union has to sue Poland, which is such an important and close country to the CJEU, in this particular case.

– Unfortunately, it is a bit like that not all our problems are understood by all decision-makers, especially in Western Europe. By people who have never known life under the yoke of communism, said the president.

– Unfortunately, we are still struggling with the remnants of this old system in many points, this is also the case in our justice system, where – sorry to say it, but there are still single cases of judges who sentenced people as subordinate to the communist party they belonged to the communist party, they carried out the orders of the communist party, today they call themselves independent, independent judges, and when we came and said, “You should go, you are tainted, your careers began with you obeying the orders of the communists and putting people in prison.” it is today that European institutions have stood up for them, which for us is a complete astonishment – added Duda.

– We say: we must calmly complete this reform process, we are a democratic state, this is happening with the consent of Polish voters, I participated in this process in my first term as president. Please remember that I won the election for the second time. Criticized by some EU institutions, attacked by some European politicians, in my country over 10 million voters voted for me again so that I would continue to hold the office of President of the Republic of Poland – he continued.

He added that “people want these matters to be completed, because they know that only closing these matters and moving these people away will make us more and more truly a fully part of the west, culturally, mentally, above all in terms of economy, standard of living, which is what people care about the most.

Main photo source: Jakub Szymczuk/KPRP

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