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Death of 30-year-old Izabela in a hospital in Pszczyna. The family notified the prosecutor’s office that the untruth had been confirmed in the medical documentation

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The representative of the 30-year-old Izabela’s family, who died in a hospital in Pszczyna (Śląskie Voivodeship) after the death of the fetus, notified the prosecutor’s office about the suspicion of committing a crime consisting in certifying an untruth in the patient’s medical records. It is about the time when the woman was hospitalized. Investigators are investigating the case. And – at this stage – they do not reveal who was supposed to forge the documentation and what exactly it was supposed to be about.

Izabela, 30, died in the district hospital in Pszczyna September 22, 2021, after nearly 24 hours of hospitalization. She was in the 22nd week of pregnancy, during admission, she was diagnosed with a general infection of the body, and a cesarean section was performed after the diagnosis of fetal death.

The investigation is being conducted by the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Katowice. The witnesses are being interviewed.

Notification of confirmation of untruths in medical documentation

On Monday (November 15), a new thread appeared in the case. – The victim’s attorney was notified of the suspicion of committing a crime consisting in certifying an untruth in the medical documentation of a 30-year-old patient of a hospital in Pszczyna. It is about the documentation from the patient’s hospitalization on September 21-22, said Agnieszka Wichary, spokeswoman for the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Katowice.

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Attorney Jolanta Budzowska, the representative of the deceased woman’s family, confirmed that she had submitted a notification on behalf of the 30-year-old’s relatives. – Verification of medical records is important before the experts speak about the case, because they will be largely based on this documentation – explained Budzowska.

Who was to certify the untruth, what was it supposed to be about? Investigators cannot reveal this until they question witnesses. As Wichary said, the case is still under investigation.

Hospital in PszczynaTVN24


After the death of the fetus, the woman was to be sent to the operating theater

The case on October 29 was revealed in social media by Jolanta Budzowska, the representative of the family. The tragedy provoked demonstrations across the country against the tightening of the anti-abortion law under the slogan “Not one more”.

Jolanta Budzowska on the death of a thirty-year-old woman in the 22nd week of pregnancyTVN24

At the beginning of November, Agnieszka Wichary told us what determined by the prosecutor’s office. – On September 20, the victim felt unwell and was referred to the hospital. She went to this hospital the next day, reported the spokeswoman. The 30-year-old was admitted to the hospital on September 21 at 8.40. Wichary: – During routine examinations, it was found that the patient had an increased level of CRP, i.e. a general infection of the body and increased body temperature. The patient was admitted to the gynecological ward, where she remained under observation.

The records show that the fetus was alive at the time.

Regional prosecutor's office on the death of a 30-year-old in 22 weeks of pregnancy

Regional prosecutor’s office on the death of a 30-year-old in 22 weeks of pregnancy TVN24

On September 22, around 4 am, the patient “deteriorated in her health”. – Further tests, including a blood test, have been performed. It was established that there is still an increased level of CRP, i.e. the infection of the body and the increased body temperature of the victim are still present. An ultrasound was also performed and this ultrasound showed that the 22-week-old victim’s fetus had died. A decision was made to perform an operation, i.e. caesarean section, and a decision was made to transfer the patient to the operating theater. Unfortunately, then it turned out that the patient died – says Wichary.

The fetus was found to die, then the woman died

The fetus was found to die, then the woman diedTVN24

The resuscitation attempt was unsuccessful. On September 22, at 7:35, he was pronounced dead.

Cause of death was septic shock

The prosecutor’s office secured the original medical documentation of the 30-year-old’s stay in the hospital in Pszczyna. An autopsy was also performed, which showed that the cause of the patient’s death was septic shock.

The evidence in the investigation will also be the documentation of the course of pregnancy and the results of toxicological and histopathological tests of samples taken from the patient and the fetus. Then the prosecutor’s office will consult experts to determine the cause of the victim’s death, as well as the cause and exact time of fetal death.

Among the interviewed are: people who were in the room with the victim, doctors who helped the 30-year-old, nurses and midwives who were on duty when the victim was in the hospital, as well as the victim’s immediate family, husband, mother and brother, who reported the suspicion of a crime. – They were interrogated because it results from the findings of the investigation that from 5:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. the patient contacted the closest family via instant messaging – explains Wichary.

Izabela’s text messages to her mother

Ms Izabela’s mother conveyed to journalists of the “Notes!” TVN the text of the text messages that her daughter from the hospital wrote to her on September 21.

The mother reveals text messages from her daughter from the hospital in PszczynaNOTE TVN

“The baby weighs 485 grams. For now, thanks to the abortion law, I have to lie down. And there is nothing they can do. They’ll wait until it dies or something starts, and if it doesn’t, I can expect sepsis. They can’t rush. It must either stop beating or something. must begin “- reads one of the messages.

Another one: “They gave a drip because I was shaking from the fever. It’s good that I took the thermometer, because no one is measuring. I had 39.9”.


The hospital suspended the contracts of two doctors

On November 5, the hospital in Pszczyna announced in a press release that it had made a decision about suspension of the contracts of two doctorswho were on duty during Izabela’s stay in the hospital. These doctors ceased to perform their duties in the hospital.

Three days later, Marcin Leśniewski, director of the hospital in Pszczyna, explained in another statement: “Our hospital complies with all the standards of conduct presented by the Ministry of Health. The integrity of medical confidentiality will never allow us to publicly defend ourselves against false accusations formulated in hate speech. Pressure, unpunished opinions may have an impact on medical decisions. Therefore, for the benefit of patients and the safety of doctors, I have suspended the contracts of our colleagues. of my closest associates: midwives, doctors, orderlies, and all other Hospitallers devoted to patients. I have a deep compassion for the relatives of our deceased patient.

The whole conversation with the director of the hospital in Pszczyna

The whole conversation with the director of the hospital in PszczynaTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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