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Death of 33-year-old pregnant Dorota. Her mother Krystyna recalls the reactions in the hospital

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On Wednesday, protests were held in dozens of Polish cities after the death of 33-year-old Dorota. A woman whose amniotic fluid broke in the fifth month of pregnancy has died in hospital of sepsis. At one of the demonstrations, her mother, Krystyna, appeared, who in an interview with reporters mentioned her stay in the hospital shortly after Dorota’s death. – No one answered, no one at all. Everyone was walking sideways, just watching, she said. During the protest, a statement regarding the death of the 33-year-old was issued by the hospital in Nowy Targ.

At the end of May, 33-year-old pregnant Dorota died in a hospital in Nowy Targ. The woman was there in the fifth month of pregnancy after the waters had broken. She died three days later from septic shock. The investigation into her death is ongoing Katowice regional prosecutor’s office.

During Dorota’s last conversation with her husband, around 9 pm on May 23, the patient felt very bad. She was vomiting and shivering. The next day she was diagnosed with septic shock. However, no surgery has yet been performed. That day her mother and cousin were supposed to go to the hospital to help Dorota wash her hair. They did not make it – the 33-year-old at 5.20 was already in a serious condition, and the ultrasound showed fetal death. At 7:16 a.m. cardiac arrest occurred. The woman died at 9.38 am.

REPORT OF THE “UWAWA! TVN” PROGRAMME: Death of pregnant Dorota in a hospital in Nowy Targ. “Doctors had three days to make a decision”

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Attorney Jolanta Budzowska, attorney for the family of the deceased Dorota, pointed out on TVN24 that the 33-year-old “was not informed that the chances of maintaining the pregnancy are minimal, and in her case every hour may carry a huge risk of loss of life and health.”

>> Plenipotentiary of the family of the deceased Mrs. Dorota: she was deprived of the right to decide whether she wants to risk her life

Following media reports, the Ombudsman for Patients’ Rights ex officio initiated an investigation into the woman’s death. The hospital published a short statement in which it announced full cooperation with investigators and expressed sympathy for the family of the deceased.

Dorota’s mother: no one spoke, no one at all

After Dorota’s death, in dozens of cities and towns women’s rights protests. One of the demonstrations took place in Nowy Targ, where, among others, the mother of the 33-year-old Krystyna appeared, with whom they talked reporters from “Tygodnik Podhalański”. – I flew (to the hospital) in the morning as soon as I found out. There I ask the chief: Chief, why did my daughter die? He was surprised. He told me this: “I don’t know,” she recalled.

She added that the head of the department did not offer her condolences. – He said he didn’t know why she died. No one answered, no one at all. Everyone was walking sideways, just watching, she noted.

The mother of the deceased woman mentioned that she asked her son-in-law, who was present at the hospital, whether her daughter’s death was true and whether the doctors were not mistaken. – “No, I was there,” he replied. I asked, “Where is she?” He replied that they were preparing her for the morgue.

The woman told reporters that no one from the hospital staff helped her. – Nobody, not a single person. Not a nurse, not a doctor, not a chief. No support, zero to ask anything, she said.

Hospital: We all know how difficult this situation is

The hospital released a longer statement this evening. “The patient was looked after and cared for by the employees throughout her stay. She was also informed about her and her child’s health. She understood the situation as a person professionally connected with the medical community. We made sure that both she and her family received support from by the psychologist.”

“We are all aware of how difficult this situation is. We want to clarify what we have been talking about from the very beginning. We also ask you not to pass judgments before the final investigation and clarification of the cause of this tragedy” – it was written.

Tygodnik Podhalański, tvn24.pl

Main photo source: Podhalański Weekly

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