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Death of 34-year-old Bartek from Lubin. The emergency tapes challenge the police version. The man was dead when the ambulance arrived

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Onet journalists found the recordings of the conversations of the ambulance crew, who on August 6 were called to 34-year-old Bartosz from Lubin. Earlier, policemen tried to stop him – the man lost consciousness during the intervention. Police said the man was alive at the time he was taken over by the rescue team. The recordings show that this is not true. The lifeguard reports: – We went to the site of the intervention and it turned out that the patient was dead.

Onet journalists found seven recordings. The first was registered even before the ambulance reached the block of 34-year-old Bartosz Sokołowski, where the policemen tried to stop him. During a conversation with the officer on duty in Lubin, the rescuers learn that “the patient has gone, but he is screaming again, so he must have recovered”. The ambulance team at one point hears the voice of a policeman asking where the ambulance is.

The second recording shows that the rescuers did not try to save Bartek, because at the time of their arrival the man was already dead. The lifeguard says to the dispatcher that “we have a death in the ambulance”:

“We went to the site of this intervention and it turned out that the patient was dead”

– We went there to the site of this intervention and it turned out that the patient was dead. We took him to the ambulance, to be examined there – he tells the dispatcher, who is clearly surprised and asks why the ambulance team decided to take the deceased patient.

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The lifeguard replies that the man was in handcuffs and “we had to take him to get all the parameters there, because we had nothing to test in this rain on the street”. Subsequent recordings show that the ambulance team wondered who and when would be able to confirm the death of the man. The lifeguard in a conversation with another dispatcher reports that the ambulance drove up to the Hospital Emergency Department so that the doctor on duty could confirm the death. However, she notes that the hospital refused them:

– The policewoman was with us, she drove up to this one, to the HED, but he was there [nazwisko lekarza] he shouted, shouted that we are helpless, we cannot fix (…), “this is the third body this week, the emergency department is not for declaring deaths” – said the lifeguard.


To the base – with a corpse on board

From the next recordings, we learn that the rescuers – still with Bartosz’s body – decided to return to the base. The rescuer tries to organize a doctor who will formally confirm the death of the 34-year-old and enable the rescuers to end the action. When the dispatcher tells her to wait at the base until he returns from another trip, the lifeguard asks if she can go home:

Prosecutors from Łódź will investigate the death after the intervention of the police in LubinTVN24

– Okay, and I can go home because the day team is already here? he says at one point. In response, he hears that he must wait for the end of the formally still ongoing assignment.

Two different versions

The recordings published by Onet undermine the version of the events presented by the police in this case. The police claim that the officers called an ambulance and handed over to the rescuers a man who – as a spokesman for the Lower Silesian police said – “breathed and had a pulse”. The press office of the provincial headquarters on Monday said that it will not comment on the content of the recordings.

The Legnica ambulance service sends you to the marshal’s office. There, in turn, we hear that there will be no comment due to the ongoing investigation. The representatives of Bartek Sokołowski’s family say that they already knew the content of these recordings and that they are most likely the same recordings that are in the case files.

Death after police intervention

Bartosz Sokołowski he died on August 6 in the morningafter police intervention. The man – according to the parents of the 34-year-old – was addicted to drugs. In the morning he returned to the apartment where he lived and threw pebbles at the window so that someone would open the door for him. Mother called the police. Soon there were policemen next to him.

A recording of the police intervention in LubinMarlena Najman

Inhabitants of the neighboring block recorded the course of the intervention. The film went online. You can see the policemen trying to overpower the man who is lying on the ground for a few minutes. The 34-year-old screams and tries to break away. The two officers are joined by another, as well as a man in a white sweatshirt with a backpack (probably a plainclothes policeman). The four of them lean over the 34-year-old lying, trying to overpower him. After a while, they transfer the man to the police car. However, they fail to put him there.

Bartosz is lying on the street, next to a police car. At some point, she stops screaming and breaking free. He’s probably losing consciousness. The video shows how one of the officers tries to seduce the 34-year-old with a pat in the face. The police claim that the officers called an ambulance and handed over to the rescuers a man who – as a spokesman for the Lower Silesian police said – “breathed and had a pulse”. In a statement published by the police, one could read that Bartosz died in the hospital.

Rejected, addicted, harmless. The policemen came to Bartosz, then he was dead – read the report on tvn24.pl/

Drugs in the body

Toxicological tests were performed on the material collected from the body of the deceased. The spokesman of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Łódź, prosecutor Krzysztof Kopania, said that “the opinions of experts from the Department of Forensic Medicine of the Medical University of Wroclaw show that the blood and urine tests showed the presence of methamphetamine and amphetamine in toxic concentrations”. “As noted by the experts, these substances in such concentrations can cause cardiac arrhythmias, including those leading to circulatory disturbances and death. Moreover, the presence of many psychotropic drugs has been found”. He added that further interrogations are planned as part of the investigation – their details have not been disclosed yet.

Press spokesman of the Police Commander in Chief Inspector Mariusz Ciarka reported on TVN24 the results of the post-mortem examination and the statement of the Łódź prosecutor’s office in this case. – Toxicology studies found such toxic, large amounts of various drugs in the blood, urine and liver that could have caused death, specifically the cessation of the heart in this boy – he said.

– Of course, this needs to be clarified, it does not close the case yet – the spokesman pointed out. He also said that an earlier statement in this case “indicated that an earlier post-mortem examination did not reveal any bodily injuries that could have contributed to this death.” – These two pieces of information are already very important for the public opinion – he added.

The policeman also said that the representative of the man’s family “stated during the press conference that he had an unofficial, from some anonymous, unknown person (information – ed.) That his throat or larynx had been broken”. As he said, “the prosecution firmly denied such findings later.” – I do not know if it broke through in the public opinion, but it is very detrimental to the clarification of this matter – he assessed.

Main photo source: Marlena Najman

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