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Death of 8-year-old Kamil. Family judges list what doesn’t work in the system

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Death of 8-year-old Kamil. Family judges list what doesn’t work in the systemTVN facts

The case of 8-year-old Kamil was dealt with by two family courts – in Częstochowa and Olkusz. No decision has been made to take him away from his family. Today we know that it could have saved his life. The system of protecting children from violence has many shortcomings. The Board of the Association of Family Judges took a position on this matter.

Kamil’s fate could be changed. This could have been done almost a year ago by the Family Court in Częstochowa, when social services asked for the transfer of the boy to a foster family. However, the court disagreed. – Both in these MOPS letters and in the position of the probation officer, there was also no mention of physical or psychological violence against children. There was also no problem of alcohol abuse in this family. There were only issues of educational negligence, a difficult financial situation – says Dominik Bogacz, spokesman for the District Court in Częstochowa.

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From Częstochowa, the family moved to Olkusz, where Kamil was found three times after running away from home. The family court ignored these alarm signals. – Escapes from the home of a little boy, symptoms on his body, what else was there to wait for – thinks Mirosława Kątna, chairwoman of the board of the Committee for the Protection of Children’s Rights.

The Minister of Justice expects disciplinary proceedings against judges from Częstochowa and Olkusz. This may reverse a very worrying trend. – We see such pressure to force children to stay with their biological families, where often taking the child away at the right time will save his life. Just like here, it was missing – says Aleksander Katarasiński, president of the “Happy Kids” Foundation.

Questions about changes in the law after the death of 8-year-old KamilAfter the death of 8-year-old Kamil, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice race to see who wants to tighten the penalties more. They both throw the slogan “death penalty” as if such a punishment could bring the boy back to life. However, the Ombudsman for Children says the law protects children sufficiently. Four years ago, the Empowering Children Foundation presented a ready-made draft law on the “analysis of children’s deaths”, in order to draw conclusions from each drama and patch the gaps to avoid a repeat. The government reminds that in June the amendment to the act on counteracting domestic violence will come into force.Renata Kijowska/Fakty TVN

Resolution of the judges

The judges try to defend themselves. The Management Board of the Association of Family Judges adopted a resolution in which it enumerates what is not in the system. The flow of information between institutions fails, there is a lack of foster families and training for judges. There are too many cases and not enough judges. There are also no experts – which prolongs the decision by months. The judges demand, first of all, the adoption of a law on the analysis of child abuse with a fatal outcome.

– This is an extremely important document that will make it possible to track errors made by all cooperating authorities – emphasizes Ewa Ważny, president of the Association of Family Judges in Poland.

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Maybe Kamil would not have lost his life if the judges had raised this alarm earlier. – May they be such a lesson for the future and that the postulates that are here are at least partially fulfilled, then children will simply be safer – thinks Czesław Michalczyk, a psychologist and forensic expert.

Questions about the child protection system after the death of 8-year-old Kamil

Questions about the child protection system after the death of 8-year-old KamilTVN24

The course of the drama

That day, 27-year-old Dawid – Kamil’s stepfather – got furious because the boy accidentally dropped his phone from the table to the floor. He poured boiling water over his stepson and threw him onto a hot coal stove. The mother watched passively, and the aunt and uncle – also suspected in this case – reporters of the “Uwaga!” TVN assured that they had not noticed anything, although they lived under one roof. Kamil’s younger brother was placed in a care facility.

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Kamila’s older half-sister Magdalena Mazurek grew up in an orphanage. She hopes that one day she and Kamil’s younger brother will be together. – I have a grudge against the whole tenement house, and against my mother, and against Dawid, and against these uncles and uncles, I also have various ones against these institutions – he says.

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