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Death of a pregnant Izabela in Pszczyna. Monika Rosa and Andrzej Sośnierz comment

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The situation of women planning or pregnant, after the tragic events in Pszczyna, was discussed in “Faktach po Faktach” on TVN24 by MPs Monika Rosa (Nowoczesna) and Andrzej Sośnierz (Polish Affairs). – It was the verdict of the so-called Constitutional Tribunal that, at the political request of Law and Justice, brought about this drama – assessed Rosa. Sośnierz was of the opinion that “in this current, restrictive, unfortunately limited legal state, there was an obligation to act by doctors”.

Izabela, who was five months pregnant, died in a hospital in Pszczyna due to sepsis. A day before her death, she wrote to her mother that she was afraid for her life. According to the family representative, the doctors waited for the fetus to die by itself, without taking any actions that could save the woman’s life. Hospital on Friday suspended the doctorswho were on duty during the stay of a pregnant 30-year-old girl.

The matter of the death of 30-year-old Izabela was commented on by the guests of “Fakt after Fakt”: Monika Rosa (Nowoczesna) and Andrzej Sośnierz (Polish Affairs).


Rosa: we need to liberalize the law

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Monika Rosa was asked about today’s words of the prime minister, who when asked about the tragedy in the hospital in Pszczyna and the ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal on abortion, replied: “The judgment of the Tribunal does not change anything with regard to the mother’s life or health. termination of pregnancy is possible and nothing has changed here. “

– Prime Minister Morawiecki will defend himself and his political camp. The reality is quite clear. It was the verdict of the so-called Constitutional Tribunal, at the political request of Law and Justice, that brought this drama to Mrs. Izabela and her family. It is this judgment, this political decision, political pressure and the atmosphere in Poland that mean that women are denied legal and safe abortion at a time when their health and life are at risk – she commented.

>> Morawiecki about the death of a pregnant woman in Pszczyna: when it comes to the mother’s life, the judgment of the Tribunal changes nothing

Rosa noted that the story of Mrs. Izabela is “the first story we talk about so loudly” thanks to “the courage of her family”. “There have probably been such stories and dramas, and unfortunately there will be many more,” she assessed.

– The question is: where are we women to seek help? she asked.

The deputy recalled that she was pregnant herself and “understands the fear of being pregnant in Poland”. – The fear that if something we would not like to happen to us, when the fetus threatens our health, our life, when it will be a lethal defect, no one will help us and our life will be in danger – she described.

When asked what to do or how to prevent another similar situation, she replied: – We need to liberalize the abortion law.

Sośnierz: the current legal status required action

Andrzej Sośnierz, a doctor by profession and former head of the National Health Fund, said that he was more cautious in deciding the role of the Constitutional Tribunal’s decision in – as he said – the catastrophic and tragic case in Pszczyna. He pointed out that it is best to ask doctors about their motives directly.

– The current legal status required action, because the threat to life was evident. Medical knowledge should tell doctors about it – he said.

When asked about doctors who might think of possible criminal liability in such cases, Sośnierz replied that “always, not only in this case, the doctor is subject to a certain jurisdiction.” – Doctors deal with life and death on a daily basis. Unfortunately, they too have the right to make mistakes. Let it happen least often – he said. – However, the fact that a doctor operates in the area of ​​life and death is unfortunately commonplace – he added.

On pointing out that the law was tightened in the discussed case, the MP replied that “in this current, restrictive, unfortunately limited legal situation, the compulsion to act on the part of doctors was”. “So it would be good to ask them what they were doing,” he repeated. He noted that “the legal status did not hinder them” in saving the life of a patient from Pszczyna.

Andrzej Sośnierz on the death of a pregnant woman from Pszczyna: the threat to her life was evident TVN24

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