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Death of Natalia from Andrychów. How to locate your child’s phone? Family Link service

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It took several hours to locate 14-year-old Natalia from Andrychów, who died after sitting in the cold near the store for a long time. The girl had a phone with her. A cybersecurity expert explained on TVN24 how to quickly locate people using a device that we all carry with us.

On Tuesday, November 28, 14-year-old Natalia sat alone in the center of Andrychów for several hours. During this time, none of the passers-by showed any interest in her condition or provided help. She was sitting next to a shop in the center of Andrychów, about 500 meters from the police station. By the time the teenager got to the hospital, it was too late. She died the next day.

Mr. Rafał, who found the 14-year-old girl, in a conversation with a TVN24 reporter he said that while lying in the cold, the girl had her phone with her all the time. On Friday, Jakub Wątor, a journalist of the Goniec.pl website and an expert in the field of cybersecurity, explained on TVN24 how to locate another person using a smartphone. – First of all, you can set your phone to know where it is at all times. Whether it is an iPhone or an Android device, phones have an option that allows loved ones to track the other person. Setting it up takes a while, said Wątor. He noted that the phone can be located both using pre-loaded settings and special applications.

Family Link – how does it work?

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The most popular locating service is Family Link. – If we have an Android phone, we automatically have a Google account. Family Link is available there. Thanks to it, we can keep track of the child’s whereabouts. The location will be displayed until the phone runs out of charge. It is determined with an accuracy of several meters. This happens automatically, the child does not have to share this location. A similar service is also available for Apple devices, emphasized Wątor.

The journalist added that if we find an unconscious person who has a phone with him, but it is blocked, we can still try to notify his relatives. – There is an option to set emergency numbers that you can call without unlocking the device. We can search for “mom” among these numbers, for example – explained Wątor. – On the other hand, if we are close to such a person and want to unlock their phone, we can do it using Family Link. iPhone users can also connect their children’s devices with their own to be able to unlock or reset their phones, he added.

On the Google website we read that under Family Link, parents can also: set time limits for children to use the device, show them age-appropriate content, or monitor the battery level in their phones.

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