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Death of Natalia from Andrychów. When the father notified the police, the police actions – a sequence of events

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Police investigators are investigating the death of 14-year-old Natalia from Andrychów, who died after sitting in the cold for several hours. They are verifying how the officers acted from the moment they received the notification about the girl’s disappearance – tvn24.pl learned unofficially. According to our findings, the girl contacted her father by phone on Tuesday at 8.17. He notified the police at 10.30, having previously searched for his daughter on his own.

On Tuesday, 14 years old Natalia sat alone in the center of Andrychów for several hours. None of the passers-by showed any interest in her condition or offered help. She was sitting next to a shop in the center of Andrychów, about 500 meters from the police station. By the time the teenager got to the hospital, it was too late.

14-year-old Natalia died after sitting in the cold for several hours. A fragment of the program “Attention!”Attention! TVN

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Unofficial findings: information reaches the police at 10.30

There are many questions in this case, including about the actions of the police. The sequence of events on Tuesday is key.

As tvn24.pl unofficially determined, they were as follows:

8/17 – telephone contact between the girl and her father. He informs that he has dark spots in his eyes, he doesn’t know where he is, there is snow around.

Between 8.17 and 10.30 the father is looking for the child on his own

10.30 – the first information about this case reaches the police. The girl’s father comes submits a notice. This procedure takes approximately 45 minutes.

What do the police say about this?

Meanwhile, police representatives previously presented a different time when the girl’s father notified them about the girl’s disappearance.

According to senior aspirant Agnieszka Petek from the District Headquarters in Wadowice, the notification was sent to the police “around noon.” – From the moment they received the notification about the disappearance, the police immediately initiated search procedures – she said.

Barbara Szczerba from the press office of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Krakow, in a conversation with a TVN24 reporter, denied that the family reported the girl missing in the morning, immediately after the last contact with her. The policewoman claimed that the report came a few hours after the last contact with the 14-year-old and after the family searched on their own.

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According to our unofficial findings, experienced police inspectors work on site and verify how the police acted from the moment the notification was received. There are no conclusions on this matter yet.

Prosecutor’s office investigation

The investigation into the case was initiated by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Wadowice.

– The prosecutor carries out procedural activities, in particular interrogating witnesses. Their aim is to comprehensively explain this case and determine all the circumstances of this event and possible persons who, as a result of their actions or omissions, may have contributed to the child’s death – said the spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Krakow, Prosecutor Janusz Kowalski.

The girl’s autopsy is scheduled to be performed on Friday.

Author:Robert Zieliński, mjz

Main photo source: TVN24

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