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Death of the son of MP Magdalena Filiks. Family representative on the activities of the prosecutor’s office, proceedings and hate on Mikołaj

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I think the basic question is what the prosecutor’s office has done since December 29, 2022, when this information appeared on Radio Szczecin and TVP. I have the impression that probably nothing – said in an interview with TVN24 the representative of Magdalena Filiks, attorney Mikołaj Marecki, who referred to the disclosure of data enabling the tragically deceased son of a PO MP to be identified as a victim of a pedophile.

Member of the Civic Coalition Magdalena Filiks informed on Friday evening about the death of her son, Mikołaj. The boy was 15 years old, he committed suicide. It is impossible to unequivocally judge the reasons for taking one’s own life, the investigation into the death of the 15-year-old is being conducted by the Szczecin prosecutor’s office. According to the head of the state commission on pedophiles, Błażej Kmieciak, the government media at the turn of the year led to the identification of the MP’s son as a victim of a convicted pedophile.

On Tuesday, the funeral ceremony for the son of MP Magdalena Filiks took place. They were private. They were attended, among others, by politicians of the Civic Coalition.

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The first statement for the media by the representative of Magdalena Filiks

The teenager was the victim of a pedophile. Krzysztof F. was arrested in September 2020 on charges of molesting a then 13-year-old boy and giving him and a 16-year-old girl drugs. The sentence was passed in December 2021, F. was finally convicted and put behind bars. F. worked as the plenipotentiary of the Marshal of the Zachodniopomorskie Voivodship, Olgierd Geblewicz, for addiction issues. Geblewicz is a member of PO

– Of course, I would not like to provide information directly from the proceedings, because it was covered by the exclusion of transparency and the whole charge that appeared in this case was that this information was provided – Magdalena Filiks’ representative, lawyer Mikołaj Marecki, said on Wednesday evening.

– What I can say for sure is that immediately after the disclosure of this fact, the case was reported to the prosecutor’s office. Proceedings were started immediately, the perpetrator was detained, charges were brought against him, the case went to court after the preparatory proceedings, he was tried in the first and second instance and probably everyone already knows the verdict: the perpetrator is serving a sentence – said Marecki.

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Attorney: What has the prosecutor’s office done since December 29, 2022? I have a feeling that probably nothing

On December 29, 2022 in the morning, Radio Szczecin and TVP Info – both government media – informed about the case of Krzysztof F. The media did not inform about it earlier, because the trial was held in public for the sake of the well-being of the injured children. In both publications, the figure of the convicted Krzysztof F was described, the words of Judge Tomasz Szaj, spokesman for the District Court in Szczecin, were quoted, and it was written that the victims were “children of a well-known parliamentarian”. Tomasz Duklanowski, editor-in-chief of Radio Szczecin, author of an article about Krzysztof F., wrote on Twitter promoting his article: “Convicted pedophile Krzysztof F. is the representative of Marshal Geblewicz from PO, Trzaskowski’s trustee, LGBT activist, psychotherapist. He ran from the PO list under “The Good Returns”. His victim is a 13-year-old son of a well-known politician.”

When asked whether, in connection with the disclosure of information from the secret trial, the family of the deceased Mikołaj expects the reaction of the services or plans any action himself, Attorney Marecki replied that “first of all, we expect that consequences will be drawn from those people who have disclosed information in public space allowing to identify victims.” – And above all, to investigate where the people who revealed the case – we think directly about Radio Szczecin, because it was there that the first article appeared, from which other news sprouted – had this information – said Marecki.

Lawyer Mikołaj MareckiTVN24

As he added, “information appears in the public space that they were from Dariusz Matecki (head of Solidarna Polska in Zachodniopomorskie, councilor of Szczecin – ed.)”. “I think this will be one of the threads that will be checked,” he said.

– I think the basic question is what the prosecutor’s office has done since December 29, 2022, when this information appeared on Radio Szczecin and TVP. I have the impression that probably nothing, but it was obvious that the data from the secret trial had been revealed and it was so widely commented on throughout the country that the prosecutor’s office had information about it and should ex officio initiate where this information leaked from – stressed the lawyer.

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