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Death on the set of Rust. A film crew member sues producers

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A crew member who witnessed the accident on the set of “Rust,” filed a civil suit in a Los Angeles court on Wednesday. Serge Svetnoy saw actor Alec Baldwin fatally shot camera operator Halyna Hutchins and accuses the film’s producers, including Baldwin, of neglecting filming.

Svetnoy was the head of the lighting crew on the set. In the lawsuit, he accuses the producers, including Baldwin, and other decision makers of the film crew of failing to implement safety standards and allowing “live ammunition-loaded revolver aiming at living people on the set of the movie” Rust “. This is the first member of the team to take such a step.


Halyna Hutchins was fatally shot with a prop by Alec BaldwinReuters / JEFF VESPA / VESPA PICTURES

A friend of Halyna Hutchins

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“Making movies is a great art, but no one should ever die for other people to have fun,” said Gary Dordick, Svetnoy’s attorney at a press conference. “There should never, ever be live ammunition on set,” he added.

Svetnoy was one of a handful of people on set when the fatal shooting occurred. In the lawsuit, he wrote that he held Hutchins in his arms and reassured her when she was bleeding from her chest, and he barely escaped the bullet. He added that “it will haunt him for the rest of his life,” and he doesn’t know if he’ll ever be able to work on the set.

– She was my friend – Svetnoy said at the press conference. He explained that this was the ninth film he had collaborated with Hutchins on and that he had joined the crew at her request. They were both immigrants from Ukraine and spent holidays together with their families.

Allegations against producers, gunsmiths and Baldwin

Svetnoy reported that a few days earlier he had seen guns lying unattended in the mud and had warned those responsible for the gun on the set. The lawsuit also stated that the ammunition used on the set “was never safely stored and simply left unattended in a prop truck.” The magazine also mentions gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez Reed and assistant director Dave Halls, who confessed to investigators that he had handed Baldwin the gun while filming the scene. In total, Svetnoy accuses almost 20 people of negligence.

According to Svetnoy, the producers, among other things, “did not hire a competent and experienced gunsmith”, and 24-year-old Gutierrez Reed was not to teach Baldwin how to properly use a gun.

The tragedy involving Alec Baldwin happened on the set at Bonanza Creek Ranch

The tragedy involving Alec Baldwin happened on the set at Bonanza Creek RanchENEX

Jason Bowles, Hannah Gutierrez Reed’s attorney, released a statement on Wednesday. – We believe it was sabotage and Hannah is being framed. We believe the site was tampered with before the police arrived, Bowles said in a statement. “We offered to share additional information with the sheriff’s office this morning and await their response,” he added.

Dordick, Svetnoy’s attorney, expressed skepticism about Bowles’ allegations. “This seems very far-fetched,” Dordick said at his client’s press conference. – It sounds unbelievable to me. Where was she when they had guns? Where was she when they put the bullet in the gun? She failed miserably in her work, he added.

In the lawsuit, Svetnoy accuses Baldwin of being jointly responsible for the accident. Baldwin should check the gun, he thinks. He added that it was only a rehearsal of the scene and did not require the actor to shoot. – He can’t shoot at trials. I did not expect this, – said Svetnoy at a press conference. “Nobody expected a real shot to be fired,” he added.

Alec Baldwin has been an active actor since the late 1980s.

Alec Baldwin has been an active actor since the late 1980s.Reuters Archive

Svetnoy does not expect compensation

Dordick said that Svetnoy did not expect compensation, as he did not want to earn money from the lawsuit and accident, but would like to ensure better working and safety conditions on film sets in the future. “This process is designed to ensure that the kind of dangerous circumstances that happen all too often on film sets won’t happen anymore,” said Dordick.

This is the first lawsuit in connection with the accident that occurred on October 21. So far, the Santa Fe prosecutor’s office has not brought any criminal charges against anyone.

Main photo source: Reuters

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