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Death penalty in the USA. Execution scheduled in Oklahoma. Convicted: I killed in self-defense

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Phillip Hancock, 59, is scheduled to receive a lethal injection on Thursday at the state prison in McAlester, Oklahoma. Earlier, the state Board of Pardons and Paroles recommended the governor to pardon the convict, CNN reports. He himself claims that he acted in self-defense.

The media emphasize that the vote in the pardon commission was not unanimous, the application was passed by a vote of 3 to 2. Despite the recommendation, the governor had not taken any action in this regard until Thursday morning, the media emphasize. He had previously pardoned a convict a few hours before the execution.

Hancock’s lawyers say the convict killed Robert Jett and James Lynch in self-defense after the men attacked him in the former’s home. Lawyers explained during the clemency hearing that the attackers were supposed to be members of a motorcycle gang, writes NBC News. CNN adds that the victims were known as “outlaws.” Hancock was lured to Jett’s house on April 27, 2001. They then allegedly attacked him. The Oklahoman reports that Jett, 38, “bludgeoned Hancock with a metal bar while Lynch, 57, held him down and choked him with his arm.” During the struggle, the man managed to take the gun from Jett and then he allegedly shot both of them.

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Sentenced to Death: I did what I had to do to save my life

“Please understand what a terrible situation I find myself in,” Hancock was quoted by the media as saying before the committee via internet broadcast. “I regret with all my heart that these people died as a result of a terrible situation they created,” CNN quotes the convict. “I did what I had to do to save a life.”

The NBC website quotes a prosecutor who, citing a witness, claims that there can be no question of self-defense here. He said that after Hancock shot Jett in the house, he followed the wounded man into the yard. There, Jett had said, “I’m going to die.” According to the prosecutor, Hancock allegedly replied: “It will be so,” and then shot him again. “Chasing someone, telling him you are going to kill him, and then doing it is not self-defense,” argued the prosecutor, quoted by NBC.

Robert Lynch, the brother of one of the dead, told CNN he was confident the execution would take place as planned. “I am by no means saying that my brother was an angel, but he did not deserve to die in the yard like a dog,” commented Ryan Jett, the brother of the second person shot, as quoted by NBC.

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