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Debno. A fire broke out in the block. The fireman gave his oxygen mask to the children, he ended up in the hospital himself

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A fire broke out in one of the apartments in Dębno (West Pomeranian Voivodeship), and firefighters began to evacuate residents from the entire block. One of them gave his mask with air connected to the children, but he himself poisoned by smoke and was taken to the hospital.

The services received a notification of a fire in the apartment on the second floor of a block in Dębno on Friday after 12 noon. As reported by the asp. Tomasz Skórski, the press officer of the KP PSP in Myślibórz, the staircase was very smoky and the firefighters had to evacuate people from the lift through the balconies. all were saved. One person suffered burns and was hospitalized – this is the person in whose apartment there was a fire.

One of the firefighters, Łukasz Gryciak, was also taken to the hospital. During the action, he gave his oxygen mask to children, but he himself was poisoned by smoke. Fortunately, as he reported during a short conversation with the TVN24.pl portal, he left the hospital on Saturday and is feeling well.

The firefighter is also a footballer

Łukasz Gryciak is also a long-time Dąb Dębno footballer.

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“Łukasz gave his oxygen mask to the children, and then transported them from the apartment on the 4th floor downstairs. Grycia, saving the children, poisoned himself with smoke and ended up in the hospital. We wish you a lot of health! You are great” – wrote MKS Dąb Dębno in social media.


Main photo source: Adam Wójcik / Accidents and fires in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship

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