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Decathlon is recalling several batches of Aptonia products. Request to customers for a refund

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The Decathlon chain announced the withdrawal of several batches of Aptonia vitamins and electrolytes from the market. The reason is the use of a component contaminated with ethylene oxide in their production.

“In one of the ingredients of the following products, we detected an ethylene oxide content exceeding the permitted limit” – informed Decathlon representatives. As they indicated, “some of the products were sold before their withdrawal, in the period from June 19 to August 12, 2021, inclusive.” Check the lot number on the product and compare it with the lot numbers affected by the warning.


Decathlon – discontinued products

The recall applies to the following Aptonia products:

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– Vitamins + Minerals, 30 tablets, orange flavor; batch numbers: L 21.140 (date of minimum durability: 05/2023) and L21.189 (07/2023),

– Salts Caps, 100 capsules, electrolytes; batch number: L 21.182; date of minimum durability: 05/2023: 07/2023,

– Electrolytes Tablets “Ecosize”, 2×20 tablets, lemon flavor; batch number: L 21,166; date of minimum durability: 06/2023,

– Electrolytes Tablets, 2×10 tablets, raspberry flavor; batch number: L 21.188; date of minimum durability: 07/2023,

– Electrolytes Tablets, 2×10 tablets, lemon flavor; batch number: L 21,167; date of minimum durability: 06/2023,

“If you have any of these lots, please do not consume the products and return them to any Decathlon store. The returned product will be replaced or you will receive a refund of the purchase price (even if it was opened)” – it was assured in the announcement.

GIS – warning

A warning in this matter was also published by the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate. As recalled, “ethylene oxide is a substance harmful to health, the presence of this substance in food in the European Union is not allowed.”

The State Sanitary Inspection authorities monitor the process of withdrawing batches of products from the market.

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