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Decision Time: Debuts. Krzysztof Kuboń and Jan Gierzyński about local government problems, housing policy and education

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In the program “Time of Decisions: Debuts” on TVN24, young opposition candidates to the Sejm – Krzysztof Kuboń from the Civic Coalition and Jan Gierzyński from the Left – talked about housing policy, problems of local governments and education. The candidates also drew attention to the problem of insufficient psychological care for children.

They will take place on October 15 elections to the House and Senate. In the “Decision Time: Debuts” program, we give a voice to those who want to get into the Polish Parliament for the first time. The presenters talk to them about what issues are important to them and how they see the future of Poland.

Inflation and NBP policy

Inflation for September it will probably be slightly above 8.5 percent. This means that today inflation is in single digits. Thus, the conditions for rate cuts have been met – said the president of the National Bank of Poland, Adam Glapiński, during Thursday’s press conference.

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– It’s high time to put an end to the buffoonery of the NBP president – said Krzysztof Kuboń, a candidate for the Sejm from the 15th place on the KO list in Tarnów. As he said, “being the president of the National Bank of Poland is not about not being a geek and surprising the markets.” – From the president of the central bank, we would rather expect predictable, conservative decisions and predicting how the markets will react to them – said the young politician.

– If the president says that he did a job because he surprised everyone and lowered rates even more than people expected, then I am sorry, but there is nothing to talk about, he did not do a good job – he assessed.

housing policy

Jan Gierzyński, the “eight” of the Left in Piotrków Trybunalski, talked about the situation on the housing market. He pointed out that apartment prices had skyrocketed. When asked what the Left’s idea was to open the way to the first apartment for young people, he replied: – What we are proposing are targeted programs for building flats, cheap flats for rent. For us, an apartment should be a guarantee of stability and security. A right, not a commodity, he said.

He emphasized that this is “the basis of security, the basis of the fact that a person wakes up, knows that the next day he will have a place to return to, that he will not lose his apartment overnight.” – Housing should be generally available to everyone – postulated the candidate of the Left.

Jan Gierzyński on the situation on the housing market TVN24

Cooperation between the government and local government

Another topic discussed was the cooperation between the central administration and local governments in the last eight years. – In Tarnów we have a clear example of disastrous cooperation between the government and the local government. And it’s not the local government’s fault, Kuboń said. He reminded that the mayor of Tarnów, Roman Ciepiela, who is also a candidate for the Sejm, had recently submitted 10 applications. – This was an opportunity for the local government to submit a maximum of 10 applications for a maximum of PLN 35 million. There were also projects for schools. They were all rejected. There was also the protection of monuments. They didn’t even get a zloty for schools, monuments, or culture, or even to increase access to this culture – he mentioned.

In his opinion, these are political decisions. – This must stop. This is one of the biggest pathologies of the current government: if you are a local government where everyone votes for PISor you are a local government member from PiS, you have support. If not, you have to fend for yourself, and we will cut your funds, Kuboń said.

Gierzyński emphasized that “local government is the closest to the residents and knows their needs best”. – The big problem is that local governments have a lot of their own tasks and receive disproportionate funding – he assessed. As a remedy, he indicated, among others: increasing the amount of PIT revenues and striving to improve cooperation between the central and local authorities and cooperation between local governments. The candidate of the Left also pointed to the problem of public transport and contact connections. As he said, there are no sensible connections in towns located on the borders of regions.

Krzysztof Kuboń pointed out that “the main problem is poviat towns, where a large part of the population moves out of the cities to the outskirts, to the commune, to the poviat”. – And there cities, after their funding has been cut, have a reduced impact from personal income tax, they cannot afford to pay extra for communication. Let’s face it, children are the most excluded then. Poviat towns are important school centers that gather the best schools, and this problem of commuting to schools is passed on to parents – said the KO candidate.

Education and psychological care of children

Jan Gierzyński also emphasized the need to invest in education. He also pointed to the shortage of child psychologists and psychiatrists. – I’m not talking about psychologists at school who could be the first line of help, the first person to whom a child could report his problems and difficulties – he said.

In his opinion, psychological education on mental health should also be implemented from an early age. – Learning to know your emotions, learning emotional regulation, learning where to go for help, how to take care of yourself. I think it is very much neglected,” he said. As he emphasized, effective prevention is the basis.

Krzysztof Kuboń, when asked about the issue of inclusive education, stated that there is still much to be done in this area. – It is simply immoral to deny the right of one citizen to participate normally in social life and benefit from education, which is guaranteed by the constitution, just because he functions with some kind of disability – he declared.

Main photo source: TVN24

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