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“Decision time: ring”. Paulina Piechna-Więckiewicz and Marcin Kierwiński on the first three issues they would deal with in the new Sejm

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There will be no safe, good, open school if Przemysław Czarnek does not cease to be a minister. Secondly, teachers must have adequate salaries – said Paulina Piechna-Więckiewicz (Nowa Lewica) in the “Time of Decisions: Ring” program when asked about the first three issues she would deal with in the new Sejm. She also pointed to the mental health of children and adolescents. The secretary general of the Civic Platform, Marcin Kierwiński, spoke, among other things, about the need to “depoliticize the special services”. – Today we are dealing with a state that interferes with our privacy – he assessed.

The guests of the “Time of decision: ring” program were two candidates to the Sejm starting from the first places on the lists in district no. 16 (Płock) – Paulina Piechna-Więckiewicz (New Left) and Marcin Kierwiński (Civic Coalition).

Piechna-Więckiewicz on postulates concerning the mental health of children and youth

The candidates were asked about the first three issues they would like to deal with when the Sejm of the new term begins.

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– Firstly, the mental health of children and adolescents. This is a topic I deal with in the New Left. We organized over 20 local roundtables around child and adolescent mental health. We also organized two such round tables in the Sejm with non-governmental organizations, trade unions, parents and children, said Piechna-Więckiewicz.

She noted that “the situation in child psychiatry, in general in the care of children’s mental health, is tragic.”

– We have our demands – from a psychologist in every school, so that the profession of psychologist finally has its proper place in the legislation, but also such things as care for whole families, available at National Health Fundso that parents do not pay huge sums – said the MP.

“There will be no safe, good, open school if Czarnek does not stop being a minister”

Another issue she pointed out was education. – What is important to us is an open, modern school where children primarily learn things that can be a basis for them to face the challenges of the 21st century – she said.

She assessed that “this safe, good, open school will not exist, first of all, if the minister (Przemysław) Czarnek will not cease to be a minister.” – This is my personal postulate, and I think that of the entire opposition – she added. – Secondly, teachers must have adequate salaries, they must be adequately remunerated and treated by the state with respect. But we must also subsidize Polish schools, we must subsidize also foreign language lessons to a greater extent – she mentioned. She added that “we also need to slim down the core curriculum a bit (…).

Piechna- Więckiewicz also mentioned housing policy. – We want to build 300,000 cheap apartments for rent within four years – she said.

Paulina Piechna- Więckiewicz and Marcin Kierwiński in the program “Decision Time: Ring” TVN24

Kierwiński about Czarnek’s dismissal, restoring normality at school, raises for teachers

Marcin Kierwiński also pointed to the issue of education. – This is indeed the dismissal of Minister Czarnek, the restoration of normality in the Polish school, the restoration of respect for the teaching profession, an increase in teachers’ salaries – he said.

– I look at what is happening in Polish schools, in Polish kindergartens, and it is simply a shame that after 34 years of freedom, the future of our children, in fact our future, is cared for by teachers who are overworked and poorly paid. Teachers whom the minister, who should take care of them, does everything to really push this profession as much as possible, so that these teachers are not satisfied with this profession – he assessed.

“We are dealing with a state that interferes with our privacy”

The secretary general of PO also spoke of the need to “depoliticise the secret services, new regulations in terms of operational techniques.”

– Today we are dealing with a state that interferes with our privacy. And here we can mention, for example, the issue of Pegasus, the oppressive power PIS she did with the senator, candidate for MP Krzysztof Brejza – he said.

– But we all realize that today anyone who criticizes this authority can be overheard, anyone can be under surveillance, their privacy can be trampled. There are no state institutions that could show it or make it visible today. The authorities are laughing in our faces. This cannot happen again, he said.

Kierwiński: Today we are dealing with a state that interferes with our privacyTVN24

Kierwiński about the S10 expressway and the railway investment

Kierwiński said that further matters concern the constituency from which he will run for the Sejm.

– These are two serious investment and infrastructural challenges, which are a great legacy and a great omission of this government – he pointed out.

The first is the S10 expressway. He pointed out that from Warsaw to Płock “today it takes two hours by car”. – And it’s only 100 kilometers – he added.

– And the second issue – the stopped, stopped railway investment. Today, the journey to Płock from Warsaw or from Płock to Warsaw within the same voivodship takes 3.5 hours via Kutno, said Kierwiński.

– This is sick. It is sick that for so many years, for 8 years, absolutely nothing has been done to build this connection – he assessed. He declared that “the new government, and I can guarantee it to you, will do everything to ensure that this connection is created and this connection will be created”.

Main photo source: TVN24

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