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Deep nude. Everyone is at risk. The main reason is revenge

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In a moment, any video of a person walking down the street will be able to be quickly edited so that we see the same person, the same movements, but naked – says Michał Koźbiał, an artificial intelligence researcher, in an interview with the business editorial office of tvn24.pl at NASK. The problem mainly affects women, but everyone is at risk. – The purpose of this type of fakes may be blackmail, ransom, extortion – comments Michał Wendt, head of the IT company Elsia.

A year ago, QT Cinderella, a popular American Twitch gamer, revealed that her image had been stolen and used in a pornographic film.

– I'm exhausted. This is what pain looks like when you see yourself naked in a video spread all over the Internet – she said tearfully during a live broadcast.

Due to advanced technologies, the effect we can see in this type of film seems very realistic. – The materials are untrue, but their results have real consequences for the injured person. He may have post-traumatic stress syndrome, suffer from depression, have suicidal thoughts – comments Michał Koźbiał, a researcher of artificial intelligence, biometrics and image processing at NASK, in our conversation.

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“It's the result of calculation”

The NASK expert admits that the tools to create fictitious images are quite easily available and do not require advanced technological knowledge. As he explains, it is enough for someone to have even a simple photo of a person. – This is the result of the calculation of those who decided to make money by providing deep nude tools, the effect of which seems very realistic. They can be used not only for photos, but also for creating videos, he says.

– In a moment, it will be the case that any video of a person walking down the street can be quickly edited so that we see the same person, the same movements, but naked, although of course it will not be their real body. We also expect AI to develop towards generating entire movie scenes based only on the description, possibly supplemented with a portrait photo – he predicts.

At the beginning of the year, Website The matter became so serious that White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre spoke out, calling the spread of these fake photos an “alarming” situation during a press conference.

Taylor Swift

Taylor SwiftTaylor SwiftGettyImages

You can read more here: X blocks searches for “Taylor Swift”. The reason is fake “naked photos” of the star

The main motivation is revenge

At the University of Antwerp in Belgium respondents aged between 15 and 25 were asked whether they had had any contact with technology used to create fake nude photos. Over 40 percent confirmed that they had heard about deep nude.

– Undressing of photos mainly affects women, 98 percent, but everyone is at risk. It turned out that the main motivation of people who decided to make a deep nude was the desire for revenge – says Michał Koźbial. Some also indicated other goals. – However, she was not aware that it was illegal and that it could harm someone – he adds.

The survey also shows that of the people who saw deep nude, 68 percent stated that he was on social media. Most often, 32.9%. on Snapchat, 25.7 percent on X, 25.5 percent on Instagram, 20.2 percent on TikTok, and 18.9 percent on Telegram.

– If we find a pornographic film or sexual photos with our image, we should ask the website administrator to have them removed. In Poland we have the right to be forgotten. The next step is to report the matter to the police. It is illegal to post someone's image without consent, especially in a sexual context. This is prohibited. In turn, in Great Britain, not only publication is prohibited, but even the very process of generating this type of materials is prohibited – Koźbial points out.

He notes that in the case of altering photos of minors at the stage of creation, it is also illegal in Poland. It is also illegal to create or possess sexual materials that depict fictitious minors, generated entirely using AI.

– The basis for looking for materials is not only social media – says Koźbial and adds that our photos are sometimes posted on other websites, e.g. on the employer's website.

– At the same time, today it is important to try to limit who can use our photos and who sees them, for example on our social media profile. Another important issue is the nature of the materials we provide. It's easier to edit photos of someone who shows their friends photos of themselves on the beach in a swimsuit, he points out.

Blackmail, ransom, extortion

Michał Wendt, the head of the IT company Elsia, warns in an interview with the business editorial office of tvn24.pl that “the purpose of this type of fakes may be blackmail, ransom or extortion.” – For example, an employee of the tax office can be blackmailed into connecting a pendrive to the computer, giving access to data or releasing malicious software – he says.

According to him, we are all vulnerable today. – The most effective action, apart from education and reporting this type of crimes to the services, is not to enter into dialogue with those who will try to blackmail us with alleged materials. They are looking for victims who will actually be manipulated – he explains.

– Criminals want to target a specific group. If someone is resistant, they don't waste time on him. The worst thing we can do is respond, negotiate, enter into dialogue. They will focus on those from whom they can make money and get what they need. If their actions do not bring results, they will look for a victim who will produce results, he points out.

Michał Wendt points out that we are also in the middle of a hybrid war Russia, many of her actions are intended to destabilize and distract attention from important things. – That's why a fake pornographic film with the minister is also a possible scenario – he says.

Threatening email – what to do?

On the government website gov.pl we can find information on what to do if we have become a victim of a cybercriminal. The following question is asked: I received an e-mail threatening to share my private photos if I do not pay, what can I do?

“In this case, there is a suspicion that a crime has been committed. This type of crime is prosecuted at the request of the injured person. It should be reported to the nearest police unit or prosecutor's office. It is also possible to submit a notification via https://www.gov.pl/web/gov/zglos-przestepstwo. Additionally, a cyberspace incident should be reported to the team of experts from CSIRT NASK – on the website https://incydent.cert.pl/ There is a simple interactive form available that allows you to send a report about a potential dangerous incident, the content of which should be saved in its entirety, along with the attachment and headers, in a separate file and sent for analysis,” we read in the replies.

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