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Deleting e-mails “with half of Solidarity Poland”, questions about Ziobro's wife. “I will deny everything”

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Another installment of the tape scandal surrounding the Justice Fund. “Gazeta Wyborcza” revealed a record of a previously unknown conversation between Zbigniew Ziobro's people, responsible for the distribution of funds from this fund. Its participants – Tomasz Mraz, Marcin Romanowski and Urszula D. – are aware of the ongoing investigation and are considering how to react to the expected actions of the prosecutor's office. Part of the disclosed conversation concerns contacts with Patrycja Kotecka, Zbigniew Ziobro's wife. The former director of the Justice Fund says she will deny everything. – Unless they have my sensitive correspondence on Pegasus – he adds.

“Gazeta Wyborcza” published on Friday a recording of new recordings regarding the Justice Fund. The recording is from February 21. The recorded conversation includes Tomasz Mraz – former director of the Justice Fund Department at the Ministry of Justice, Marcin Romanowski – former deputy minister of justice, supervising the Fund, and Urszula D. – former director of the Justice Fund department.

“The participants in the conversation not only know that an investigation is underway, but also realize that events may take an unfavorable turn for them. Therefore, the conversation goes in three directions: who of the officials working at the Fund can spill the beans, how to cover up evidence of abuse and How should Romanowski officially explain himself during public speeches and before committees in the Sejm?

“Should I delete correspondence with half of Solidarna Polska?”

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In one of the fragments of the recording, the participants of the conversation wonder whether there may be any incriminating evidence in their e-mail boxes.

Mraz: – Do you have e-mails with (Dariusz – ed.) Matecki?

Urszula D.: – We don't have it (mutual laughter) I have a lot with (unintelligible), but… what do I have here with Matecki… There is some sensitive correspondence…

Urszula D.: – Well… Well, I have to delete most of these people. Marcin, do you not have Matecki on your e-mail address or did you delete it?

Romanowski: – I removed it.

Urszula D.: – Should I delete correspondence with half of Solidarna Polska? (everyone laughs) With everyone…every single one [dłuższy fragment niezrozumiały, padają nazwy, nazwiska]

Mraz: – I don't have half of the emails anymore, but I was deleting them from the Fund and made the first such solid selection.

Urszula D.: – But you know, Gmail is a recreation of my life.

Mraz: I approached it that way too, but at some point I came to the conclusion that maybe I wouldn't want certain things from my life to be recreated. Well, when I was able to delete them over a year ago, mine was probably overwritten.

Romanowski: – But they will get it back, they will get it back for sure.

Urszula D.: – They won't get it back. Do you know how expensive this is?

Mraz: – I also think they will get it back.

“I will deny everything”

Part of the disclosed conversation between Mraz, Romanowski and Urszula D. concerns contacts with Patrycja Kotecka, wife Zbigniew Ziobro and – as “GW” writes – an eminence grise in his party. “The dialogue shows that Kotecka had an influence on the Fund's activities and Ziobro's people want her role not to come to light. Urszula D. wonders what to do when questions about Kotecka are asked,” reports “Wyborcza”.

Below is an excerpt from the recorded conversation:

Urszula D.: About contacts with Mrs. Patrycja? What to do? How much did she interfere in things? I will deny everything (laughter), unless they have my sensitive correspondence with her on Pegasus (laughter).

Mraz: And did you correspond?

Urszula D.: Well, she's with me (laughter).

Mraz: – It's never like you start. You don't start a conversation with Mrs. Patrycja. She's the one who starts with you. Or invites you to one (laughter).

Zbigniew Ziobro, Patrycja KoteckaJacek Domiński/Reporter/East News

Romanowski interjects: What's the name of this….God, this tall boy who worked for me.

Romanowski: Wiktor, he had quite an experience with Patricia. She calls him at night.

Romanowski: And he says: “If you want to have a career in the media in this country, then something or other…”. (everyone laughs)

Romanowski: and without my knowledge, because he had access to Twitter, he wrote something about one of the journalists from Onet… [niezr.] and he was so scared (laughter)

Urszula D.: Oh God (laughter) Let's better think about how we will answer when they ask us about Patrycja.

How did the Justice Fund work? “Minister Romanowski received an order from Minister Ziobro”Maciej Knapik/Fakty TVN

The text will be supplemented.

Main photo source: Jacek Domiński/Reporter/East News

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