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Denmark. Anti-aircraft radar will be built in the Faroe Islands

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Danish and Faroe Islands authorities agreed on Thursday to deploy a military anti-aircraft radar on this Atlantic archipelago. Danish hardware is expected to monitor tensions in the north following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Defense Minister Denmark Morten Bodskov and the Faroe Islands governor of foreign affairs, Jenis av Rana, signed a contract in the capital of the Torsvik archipelago. The document will enable the construction of a radar with a range of 3 to 400 kilometers to monitor the airspace between IcelandNorway a Great Britain. The investment cost is 340 million crowns (approx. 45 million euros).

“The radar will bring benefits to the Faroese community at a time when Europe’s security is at risk,” stressed Bodskov.

Denmark’s Defense Minister Morten Bodskov and the Faroe Islands Governor of Foreign Affairs, Jenis av Rana, signed an agreement in the capital of the Torsvik archipelago.PAP / EPA / IDA MARIE ODGAARD

Some local politicians in the Faroe Islands have expressed their opposition to “the militarization of a peaceful island” or demanded compensation in the form of more favorable trade deals. As a dependent territory of Denmark, the Faroe Islands, however, cannot pursue their own defense and security policy.

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The flags of Denmark and the Faroe IslandsPAP / EPA / IDA MARIE ODGAARD

The installation of the Danish armed forces will be built in the place where the remnants of the previous radar are located. It was demolished in 2007 when politicians believed that the relationship between the FOR THIS and Russia will no longer be tense.

“Gap in monitoring”

According to Danish military analyst Hans Peter Michaelsen, quoted by TV2, “there has been a monitoring gap since the old radar was turned off in the North Atlantic.”

– It was an important element of the NATO warning system. In recent years, NATO has pressured the government in Copenhagen to build a new radar, and now it’s after the invasion Russia in Ukraine, the investment has become even more important, Michaelsen believes.

As he adds, after Sweden and Finland join NATO, Russia will have a difficult path of “entering” Europe through the Baltic Sea region. Then, in the event of a conflict, you can expect an attack from the North Atlantic, where the Faroe Islands are located.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / IDA MARIE ODGAARD

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