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Denmark. Queen Margrethe II abdicates. Who is the heir to the throne, Frederick

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– I don’t want to lock myself in a fortress. I want to be myself, just a human being, said Prince Frederick of Denmark in one of the interviews, assuring that he would stick to it even after taking the throne. Will this happen? We will soon find out, because after the unexpected abdication of his mother, he will become the new king of Denmark.

On Sunday, the Danes were surprised information about the abdication of Queen Margaret II, the longest-reigning living monarch in Europe. In her New Year’s speech, she announced that she would step down on January 14 – 52 years after she took power. As she informed, she leaves the throne to her son, Prince Frederick. What do we know about him?


In the early 1990s, Fryderyk had… Denmark the reputation of a playful and rather spoiled prince.

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– He was not a rebel in the strict sense of the word, but as a child and young boy he felt very uncomfortable with the media attention and the knowledge that one day he would become king – explains Gitte Redder, a journalist specializing in Danish history, in an interview with AFP royal family.

As “The Guardian” writes, Frederick resented his parents for neglecting him in favor of performing royal duties. He found solace in fast cars and an equally fast life.

However, this began to change after graduating from political science at Aarhus University. He was the first member of the Danish royal family to receive a full university education. During his studies, he also spent some time at Harvard, where he took classes under the name Frederik Henriksen.

He later began serving in the Danish Navy, where, among others, he earned the nickname “Pingo” – according to the Daily Mail, this happened after his suit filled with water during a diving course, making the prince’s gait resemble that of a penguin.

Fryderyk is an adventure seeker – in 2000 he took part in a four-month ski escapade through Greenland. After an accident on a sled and on a scooter, he was taken to hospital.

– He practices sports, goes to concerts and football matches, which makes him even more accessible to the Danes than his mother – explains Redder.

– I don’t want to lock myself in a fortress. I want to be myself, just a human being, he once said in an interview, assuring that he would stick to it even after taking the throne.

Just like the King of Great Britain Charles III Fryderyk is known for his concern for the environment.

Prince Frederick and Princess Mary Ida Marie Odgaard/PAP

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There will be no revolution

His wife, Princess Mary, grew up in Tasmania. When they met – in 2000, during the Olympic Games, in one of the bars in Sydney – she worked as a lawyer. In one of the interviews, Maria confessed that she had no idea who Fryderyk was then. – Half an hour later someone came up to me and asked: do you know who these people are? – she said.

The couple is perceived as rather modern. They tried to provide their four children with as normal an upbringing as possible, sending them mostly to state schools.

Experts do not expect a revolution from the future royal couple, but rather a careful continuation of the reign of Margaret, who is very popular among the Danes.

Main photo source: Henning Bagger/PAP

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