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Denmark. Will Prince Joachim come to hand over the throne to his brother, Crown Prince Frederick?

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Crown Prince Frederick will take the throne of Denmark on Sunday as King Frederick X. Among the questions that have arisen since Margaret II announced her abdication is whether her younger son Joachim will attend Sunday’s ceremony. In October 2022, the queen unexpectedly deprived his children of their princely titles, which caused a crisis in family relations.

On January 14, Crown Prince Frederick will take the throne of Denmark as King Frederick X. This will happen after the unexpected decision of his mother, Queen Margaret II, who In her New Year’s Eve speech, she announced her abdication and handing over the crown to the heir to the throneu. – It’s time to hand over power to the next generation – she announced. – Time is running out and diseases are getting worse. People cannot cope in the same way as before, explained the 83-year-old monarch, who underwent spine surgery in February.

Queen Margrethe IIPAP/EPA/Keld Navntoft DENMARK OUT

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Prince Joachim’s children stripped of their princely titles

In October 2022, Queen Margrethe II surprised her family with another decision: unexpectedly announced that she was stripping four of her grandchildren – the children of her younger son, Prince Joachim – of their princely titles.

The official reason for depriving the four grandchildren of their royal titles was the monarch’s wish that her younger son’s children “be able to shape their own lives, without being limited by special considerations and obligations that formal membership in the Royal Family as an institution implies.”

The queen’s decision caused shock in Prince Joachim’s family. The mother of the two older children and Joachim’s ex-wife, Countess Aleksandra, said she was dismayed. – We all feel confused. We are saddened, shocked. It came like a bolt from the blue. Children feel excluded. They cannot understand why their identity is being taken away from them, she told Danish media. The prince’s current wife, Princess Mary, said that the youngest child had “problems in relationships with friends at school” because of this.

Prince Joachim with his second wife, Princess Mary, and four childrenPatrick van Katwijk/Getty Images

Prince Nikolai, the eldest grandson of Margaret II, did not hide his confusion when he learned that he had been stripped of his princely title. However, the 24-year-old, who remains seventh in line to the Danish throne, has for several years been focusing not on the duties associated with belonging to the Danish throne. royal family, but on a modeling career. He left his military service for her.

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Crisis in the royal family

The queen’s decision led to a crisis in the family. Prince Joachim said in an interview with “Ekstra Bladet”: – We are all very sad. It’s never fun when you see your children being treated so badly. They themselves find themselves in a situation they do not understand.

After a few days, Margaret II spoke again: – I made the decision as a queen, mother and grandmother, but as a mother and grandmother I underestimated the extent to which my youngest son and his family would feel affected by it. It makes a great impression and I apologize for that, she said. However, she did not withdraw her decision. She added, “I hope that as a family we are able to find peace to resolve this situation.”

– Yes, there was a crisis between the queen and her second son Joachim over the deprivation of the children’s royal titles – admitted Sebastian Olden-Jorgensen from the University of Copenhagen, a historian and expert on the royal court, in an interview with “El Pais”. As he added, “it was not done elegantly, which caused pain for my son and grandchildren, they took it badly.”

Where is Prince Joachim and his family

Since the summer of 2023, Joachim’s family has been in Washington, where the prince obtained a job as legal adviser for the defense industry at the Danish embassy. The Danish weekly “Billed Bladet” writes that “he has a job that only a few people know about.”

Olden-Jorgensen answered the question what would happen to Joachim after the coronation of his older brother in an interview with “El Pais”. – He lives in the United States with his wife, Princess Mary, and their two youngest children, and I think he will stay abroad. Somehow he failed to find his place in Denmark, being second in the royal house is never easy.

Danish media noted that in 2022, Princess Mary and Joachim’s children were absent from the Palace of Christian VII, where Margrethe II with her children and grandchildren celebrated Christmas. The prince came alone. But last Christmas both spouses were there, which was considered significant.

Will Prince Joachim’s family come to the handover of the throne?

On January 10, the communications department of the Royal House of Ritzau announced that Prince Joachim would participate in the handover of the throne, while his wife, Princess Mary, would remain with their children in Washington. It was added that Prince Joachim would return to USA on Monday, just a few hours after the events in Christiansborg, although the celebrations related to the transfer of power will end only on January 21 with a service in the cathedral in Aarhus.

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Prince Joachim less popular

According to the Danish website DR.DK, although the royal family is extremely popular among Danes, support for Prince Joachim and his wife Princess Mary is much lower than in the case of his mother (89 percent support), Crown Prince Frederick (86 percent support). and his wife, Crown Princess Mary (89 percent support). Results published on January 12 survey conducted by Epinion for DR television indicate that only 38 and 41 percent respondents positively evaluate Prince Joachim and Princess Mary, and – respectively – 31 percent and 15 percent has a negative opinion about them.

Main photo source: Patrick van Katwijk/Getty Images

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