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Deposit for glass and plastic bottles, a new obligation for shops – the position of the Polish Chamber of Commerce

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The deposit system for PET and glass bottles may be launched in the middle of next year. – At the beginning, it should cover only PET bottles and possibly an aluminum can. At the current stage, stores do not have the technical or organizational capacity to accept glass packaging, said Maciej Ptaszyński, vice president of the Polish Chamber of Commerce.

According to the vice-president of PIH, “the existing deposit system for beer bottles should continue to work”. – We cannot imagine accepting additional glass packages. We have been talking about this together with producers and other organizations since October last year – emphasized Ptaszyński, quoted in the Chamber’s communiqué.


Deposit for glass and plastic bottles – the position of the Polish Chamber of Commerce

“The proposed solutions require consultations with the trade industry, so that they take into account the practical possibilities of stores regarding the storage of packaging. (…) In the case of smaller stores, joining the system should be voluntary in terms of packaging collection, and if the decision is changed, such an outlet will be able to start to collect packaging at any time after the entire system has been launched “- we read in the release.

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– Similarly, extremely serious doubts are raised by the arbitrary setting in the assumptions for the draft of the threshold of 100 square meters of shop area, from which the collection of packaging would be obligatory. Undoubtedly, this requires reliable consultations with the trade industry to take into account the real possibilities of stores. Remember that these 100 square meters are a small retail outlet that must fit shelves, a cash register, social facilities and store supplies, not only bottles covered by a deposit, on such an area – added Ptaszyński.

According to PIH, “the future deposit system in Poland should be adapted to the requirements and specificity of most retail outlets in Poland”.

Deposit system – proposals of the Polish Chamber of Commerce

The communication indicates what the system should provide “from the perspective of Polish trade”:

– efficient logistics ensuring the maximum frequency of collection of deposit packaging from stores, adequate to the needs of a given retail outlet, including collection on all working days;

– the possibility of limiting the cubature of the collected packages – by collecting the crushed packages or the possibility of crushing the collected packages by the store;

– coverage by the system of necessary investments – such as adapting the store, securing the storage area for packaging, devices supporting storage, crushing and acceptance of packaging;

– addressing the issue of settlements with the system operator for packages with a deposit so that they do not result in the shops bearing the cost of freezing part of the working capital in the packages;

– coverage of additional costs of insurance of the packaging in the event of theft in the event of the possibility of returning the packaging after its acceptance by the store and fire insurance;

– coverage of possible investments related to fire protection in the event of the need to store flammable packaging in the store.

Deposit for glass and plastic bottles

The deposit system is to cover PET beverage bottles up to 3 liters and glass bottles – up to 1.5 liters.

“The deposit system should be understood as a system in which a fee is collected when selling products in packaging, which is returned when the packaging or packaging waste is returned without the need to present a receipt confirming the earlier payment of the deposit” – we read on government websites.

The deposit that has not been collected by consumers is to go to those who introduce products in packaging and can be used by these entrepreneurs to finance the system.

As a result of the entry into force of the planned act, producers of bottled beverages covered by the system will be required to finance at least selective collection of packaging and packaging waste, transport of packaging to the producer and packaging waste to a processing plant, and reporting costs.

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