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Deposit for glass and plastic bottles – the Ministry of Climate and Environment is preparing a project

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The deposit system for PET and glass bottles may be launched in the middle of next year. According to it, an additional fee is to be collected when selling products and will be refunded when the packaging is returned. The assumptions of the bill, for which the Ministry of Climate and Environment is responsible, have been published on the government websites.

It is a draft act amending the act on the management of packaging and packaging waste. The main solutions to be included in the regulations were published in the list of legislative and program works of the Council of Ministers. The planned date for the adoption of the draft by the Council of Ministers is the first quarter of 2022.

On Thursday, Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment, Jacek Ozdoba, at a meeting of the Sejm environmental protection committee, informed that the planned date of entry into force of this amendment to the Act on the management of packaging and packaging waste is July 1, 2022.

In accordance with Directive 2019/904, in 2025 the recycling rate of single-use plastic bottles for beverages with a capacity of up to 3 liters, together with their caps and lids, is to reach 77%, and in 2029 – 90%. One of the acceptable methods of reaching these levels is the introduction of a deposit system.


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Bottle deposit

The deposit system is to cover PET beverage bottles up to 3 liters and glass bottles – up to 1.5 liters.

“The deposit system should be understood as a system in which a fee is collected when selling products in packaging, which is returned when the packaging or packaging waste is returned without the need to present a receipt confirming the earlier payment of the deposit” – we read on government websites.

The deposit that has not been collected by consumers is to go to those who introduce products in packaging and can be used by these entrepreneurs to finance the system.

As a result of the entry into force of the planned act, producers of bottled beverages covered by the system will be required to finance at least selective collection of packaging and packaging waste, transport of packaging to the producer and packaging waste to a processing plant, and reporting costs.

Product fee

Entrepreneurs introducing products in packaging covered by the deposit system will be required to obtain, under the deposit system, specific levels of selective collection of packaging or packaging waste. Failure to achieve the required levels will result in the necessity to pay the product fee by the market players. Its amount was not given. “This is a mechanism that aims to persuade entrepreneurs to create a deposit system” – indicated.

Every year, the minister responsible for climate affairs is to receive a report containing information on: the amount of funds allocated to the operation of the deposit system, the amount of the deposit that has not been collected and the weight of packaging and packaging waste collected selectively under the deposit system.

The proposed regulation is to oblige every store with a retail space of more than 100 m2 to collect empty packaging covered by the deposit system. For smaller stores, the possibility of collecting the bottles and returning the deposit is to be voluntary.

At the Thursday meeting of the committee, Jacek Ozdoba, Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment, also explained that there are no plans to extend the deposit system to aluminum alloy cans, because the recycling rate of these packaging exceeds 80 percent. – This is a scarce and sought-after commodity, so there is no problem with collecting it – he stressed.

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