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Deposit system – changes for 2025. Food producers: unrealistic deadline

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The deposit system is scheduled to start operating in Poland in 2025. However, during the parliamentary subcommittee, Andrzej Gantner, vice-president of the Polish Federation of Food Producers, said that it was unrealistic for it to enter into force on time. He pointed out that only “in October we will find out what it will look like.”

On Tuesday, the standing subcommittee for monitoring waste management dealt with information from the Minister of Climate and Environment on the current state and future of the deposit system in Poland, taking into account the applicable legal status and proposed legislative changes.

Gantner: unrealistic deadline

The deposit system is to start operating in Poland on January 1, 2025. At the same time, the Ministry of the Environment has prepared a draft amendment to the regulations in this area.

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Andrzej Gantner, vice-president of the Polish Federation of Food Producers, who was present at the meeting of the parliamentary subcommittee, said that January 1, 2025 is an “unrealistic date for the deposit system to come into force.” He pointed out that amendments to the act were not yet being processed, and also pointed out the three months needed for technical notification. – We will find out what the deposit system will look like in October this year. In fact, we will have November and December to adapt to (…) changes, said Gantner. In his opinion, this puts entrepreneurs who want to build large collection systems in a “very difficult situation”. – We are talking about billions of zlotys, and entrepreneurs still do not have permission to establish companies that can be operators (of the deposit system – ed.), which means they cannot start doing anything – he noted. – We are requesting that an umbrella organization be established by law for all operators in order to standardize settlements and standardize the principles of operation of the system. Since we have decided on a multi-operator system, we should at least have uniform standards of its operation – suggested Gantner. In his opinion, a deposit should be collected on bottles and cans donated to charity and as part of the so-called sampling (free samples for testing the product – ed.). – We cannot create loopholes that somewhere on the market there will be packaging that is subject to a deposit system and the deposit has been collected for them. Even if this deposit had to be paid by the introducer himself, it is still important that it is completely tight – emphasized Gantner. He added that this would also allow the system to be tightened within the HoReCa industry (hotels, restaurants, catering).

Gantner also warned that there cannot be a situation where the deposit will cover products for export in Community trade as well as in trade to third countries. – We would actually pay the export price of the deposit, which no one would get back – he explained. Representatives of the Lewiatan Confederation, in turn, proposed postponing the launch of the deposit system to 2026, explaining this by the experience of other countries in introducing this type of systems. In their opinion, the minimum time for implementation is two to three years, meanwhile in Poland there are no boundary conditions yet, i.e. work on the act has been completed.

Deputy Minister: two companies submitted applications

Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment Anita Sowińska pointed out that so far two companies have submitted applications to be appointed as the operator of the deposit system. – One received permission. The second one is being processed, she informed. She added that if an organization submits an application by June 30 this year. then it can start operating as an operator from January 1, 2025. – The only company, Zwrotka SA, has a permit valid from January 31, 2025 – said Sowińska. She admitted that the ministry assumed that 2025 would be a transitional period for introducing the deposit system. – This was the assumption from the beginning – added Sowińska.

She pointed out that the deadline for covering milk and dairy product packaging with the deposit system has been postponed. She stated that currently only two countries – Germany and Croatia – have decided to implement a system for such packaging. – We would like to see how it works for them and that is why we decided to postpone this deadline to January 1, 2026 – said Sowińska.

She explained that smaller stores can also participate in the deposit system. – We do not rule out that municipalities will support small shops and want to have recycling machines on their territory – suggested the deputy minister. – We are aware that small stores, if they do not join the deposit system, may potentially lose customers – she noted.

Deposit system for beverage packagingPAP/ Mateusz Krymski

Deposit system

The deposit system in Poland is to start operating from 2025. Its goal is to reduce the amount of mixed municipal waste collected by municipalities and increase the level of recycling. Large stores with an area of ​​over 200 square meters will have to collect empty packaging and return the deposit, while smaller stores will be able to join the system voluntarily, although they will collect a deposit.

Unclaimed deposit will be used to finance the deposit system. The deposit is intended to encourage the return of packaging and increase the amount of reused and processed raw materials used to produce packaging.

The system is to cover three types of packaging: plastic bottles up to 3 liters, reusable glass bottles up to 1.5 liters and metal cans up to 1 liter.

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