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Depression. Report: absenteeism from work caused by depressive episodes cost the economy PLN 2.8 billion in 2023

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Absenteeism from work related to depressive episodes among Poles cost the economy PLN 2.8 billion in 2023 – according to a report by UCE Research and the ePsychologi.pl platform. According to this year's study, 66.6 percent of adult Poles experience syndromes associated with depression.

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According to the data presented in the report entitled “The depression is still hitting Poles hard. How much is it costing the economy?” the most frequently indicated symptoms included feeling tired and lacking energy – 34.3%, depressed mood – 32.3%, and sleep disorders – 27.6%. Respondents were least likely to indicate suicidal thoughts – 4.4%.

Inflation and its level affect depression

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The publication indicated that 66.6 percent of surveyed adult Poles experience syndromes associated with depression. For comparison, in last year's study this percentage was 72.8%.

According to the report's authors, the lower percentage of people complaining about symptoms of depression this year may be due to the decline in inflation dynamics, which affected the mental health of individuals.

Inflation in PolandPAP/Mateusz Krymski

“The increase in prices has increased the level of stress among people. The inability to meet basic needs has led to frustration and a sense of helplessness. Financial uncertainty and concerns about maintaining the standard of living have increased anxiety among Poles,” said Michał Pajdak from the ePsychologi.pl platform, quoted in the report.

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More and more absences due to depression

He added that in 2023 there would be an increase of 7.85%. y/y number of days of absence due to depressive episodes and depressive disorders. “Due to the increase in labor costs, losses for the economy amounted to at least PLN 2.8 billion. This amount was calculated as the cost of labor together with overheads,” said Michał Pajdak.

As the authors of the report emphasized, this is a base calculation – it does not include the costs of treatment, replacement of employees, recruitment processes and lost benefits related to the departure of customers, as well as other parameters. The estimated amount is higher by 27.7%. compared to 2022 and by 44%. compared to 2021.

Difficulties in relationships and concentration

According to National Health Fund data provided by the authors of the report, in 2022, 1.6 million Poles over 7 years of age received reimbursed antidepressants. Between January and June 2023, this number reached 1.3 million. “People suffering from mental health problems may have difficulty concentrating, making decisions and maintaining healthy relationships with other employees, contractors and clients. This may lead to a decline in productivity in companies and organizations, which may consequently have a negative impact on the economy,” he said. Fool.

The report notes that health care for people with mental disorders is also expensive. The costs are borne by both patients and the healthcare system. At the same time, the lack of appropriate, timely help may result in the need for people suffering from depression to use the long-term or crisis care system, which generates even greater expenses.

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About the study

The study was conducted in the first quarter of 2024 using the CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interview) method by UCE Research and the ePsychologi.pl platform on a sample of 1,017 adult Poles.

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