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Desire. More service patrols in Szczęśliwicki Park

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The Mayor of Ochota, Dorota Stegienka, wants to increase police and city guard patrols in Szczęśliwicki Park. Residents are tired of situations in which sidewalks are dismantled to make hearths out of them. Feasts are accompanied by alcohol. They leave behind mountains of garbage.

“As long as they were tiny, disposable grills with three sausages on them, believe me, no one made a problem out of it and for the vast majority it was acceptable. Unfortunately, now the ingenuity and lack of imagination of some park users is difficult to grasp. there will be no reduced tariff and NO negotiations here,” the mayor of Ochota wrote on social media.

She stressed that she would not allow bonfires to be lit in the park, even on the pier, the pavements made of cobblestones were dismantled to make a hearth. She wrote about six-foot grills, crates of beer, and kids watching it all. “We increased cleaning, supplied special barrels, increased controls and some people continue to make crap. Where they grill, they leave garbage behind” – she said.

They dismantle sidewalks, they make barbecuesDorota Patricia Stegienka / Facebook

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Traces of a bonfire on the pierDorota Patricia Stegienka / Facebook

Fire hazard

The mayor of Ochota met with the services and the Department of Environmental Protection.

“The meeting was mainly devoted to the situation in Szczęśliwicki Park. This matter raises a lot of controversy among our residents. I asked the services to increase patrols in this area and draw consequences for participants of meetings at the barbecue, bonfire, consuming alcohol and littering the park. Unfortunately, , the phenomenon of lighting barbecues and even bonfires in Park Szczęśliwicki has recently intensified, which may pose a fire hazard” – she explained.

During the meeting, it was agreed that the number of police and city guard patrols would increase in the park.

Mixed patrols

Dorota Stegienka informed that mixed patrols (police and city guard) will enter the park on weekends. “This is good news. Let’s hope that we can effectively counteract it” – she added.

She noted that issues related to order and safety in other Ochota parks and recreation areas were also discussed at the meeting.

Main photo source: Dorota Patricia Stegienka / Facebook

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