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Deskurow. Civic detention of a drunk BMW driver near Wyszków

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On the S8 expressway in Deskurów, the driver noticed a BMW driving in a snake. He forced the driver to stop in the emergency lane. As he approached the car, he immediately smelled alcohol. Without hesitation, the man pulled the keys out of the ignition and called the police.

On March 16, in the morning, the duty officer of Wyszków police officers received a report about an intoxicated driver who “was apprehended” on the S8 route in Deskurow, near Wyszków. A police car was dispatched to the spot. It turned out that it was the man reporting the crime who stopped the suspiciously moving BMW – its driver was driving in a slalom and cut off the way of other cars.

The man decided to react and forced the passenger car driver to stop in the emergency lane. When he approached him, he immediately smelled alcohol, without hesitation, he pulled the keys from the ignition and called the police.

“Drank a few beers and wine last night”, he had 1.5 per mille

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According to the police officers, the sobriety test carried out by the officers showed that the 26-year-old foreigner sitting behind the wheel of the BMW had over 1.5 per mille of alcohol in his body, and he stayed in Poland for only a few months. – As he stated, he drank a few beers and wine at night, and then went on a trip to his girlfriend – said Damian Wroczyński from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Wyszków.

The 26-year-old BMW driver was charged with driving while intoxicated. The man pleaded guilty to the charges against him. The court will decide his fate. This offense is punishable by up to two years in prison, disqualification from driving and a heavy fine.

The police thank you for your citizen’s arrest

The police thanked for reacting to the dangers posed by irresponsible drivers. “Thanks to such a reaction, we may have avoided another tragedy on the road. Intoxicated drivers are a serious threat to all road users. We would like to remind you that anyone who witnesses a crime has the right to catch the perpetrator red-handed” – the police said in a statement. He adds that civic detention “is a privilege resulting from the content of Article 243 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, and the apprehended person should be immediately handed over to the police.”

Main photo source: KPP Wyszków

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