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Detention of Mariusz Kamiński and Maciej Wąsik. The world’s media write about the action in the Presidential Palace

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Convicted politicians stayed for many hours at the Presidential Palace to avoid arrest, the quick action of the police and their imprisonment caused a wave of comments in the most important media in the world. We read there, among other things, about the “unprecedented situation” and the “dramatic escalation of the conflict.”

“Poland plunged into political chaos after the arrest of two parliamentarians”, “Arrest at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw on a day of unprecedented political theater” – write foreign media about Tuesday’s detention of Mariusz Kamiński and Maciej Wąsik.

The media devote most of their reports from Warsaw to explaining the complicated situation. – Literally two thirds of such materials are devoted to an introductory explanation of what is going on, what is the background, what is the conflict, who are the people in the drama – explains Piotr Moszyński, correspondent of “Gazeta Wyborcza” in France.

Readers of the British “Guardian” could follow further news on this matter. In turn, Politico writes that “in the face of the dramatic escalation of Poland’s fight to restore the rule of law, the police entered the Presidential Palace and detained two members of parliament who were hiding under the protection of President Andrzej Duda.” The portal adds that both were sentenced to prison for abuse of power.

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“The arrests are at the heart of the fight between Duda and new Prime Minister Donald Tusk, who is seeking to settle eight years of rule by the nationalist, conservative Law and Justice party, rooting out loyalists of the previous administration from key institutions such as the media, courts and state-owned companies,” it reads. article.

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– There is a huge political division in Poland, there are also problems with the judicial system – one court says one thing, another court says another, one party says that this court is biased, the other party says that the other one. It’s all incredibly complicated – says Matthew Day, correspondent of “The Daily Telegraph” in Poland.

The column enters the premises of the Presidential PalaceTVN24

Foreign media on the president’s attitude

“The Washington Post” explains that the arrest took place after Mariusz Kamiński and Maciej Wąsik hid in the Palace for hours. Reuters adds that after the two convicts appeared at the Presidential Palace, Donald Tusk accused Andrzej Duda of obstructing justice, which prompted the police to look for them in cars leaving the building.

German media also report on the complicated situation in Poland. – The DPA agency concludes that what seems to be a farce is in fact an escalation of the conflict between the new and the old ruling camp in Poland, which may turn into a state crisis in a member state of the European Union and NATO – points out Bartosz Dudek, editor-in-chief of the Polish section Deutsche Welle.

The AP agency has similar conclusions, recalling that Andrzej Duda – closely associated with Law and Justice – makes it clear that he will be against Donald Tusk’s program. Bloomberg notes that the Polish president condemned the overnight arrests amid growing political chaos.

Main photo source: Chancellery of the President, Jakub Szymczuk/X

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