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Diet. Clamp on the Culture and Media Committee. Opposition MPs left the room

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During Tuesday’s session of the Parliamentary Committee on Culture and Media, opposition MPs left the room after refusing to agree to the amended text of the draft resolution on the 45th anniversary of the Workers’ Defense Committee. The names of the founders of KOR were not included in the new draft. Ultimately, the committee approved the content of the amended resolution. MEP Joanna Senyszyn (Left), however, questioned whether there was a quorum at the time of the vote. “PiS falsifies history and voting,” she wrote on Twitter.

On Tuesday, the culture committee, chaired that day by PiS MP Marek Suski (the chairman is Piotr Babinetz, Suski replaced him), dealt with the draft resolution on the 45th anniversary of the establishment of the Workers’ Defense Committee.


The draft resolution document has been available on the website of the Sejm since September 30. SEE ITS CONTENT >>>

Wojtyła, Olszewski and Pyjas among those mentioned in the draft resolution. The names of the founders of KOR were missing

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During the Tuesday session of the commission, the chairman of Suski announced the amendment that changed the content of the draft resolution. – It is obvious that in 1976, after the protests in Radom, Ursus and Płock, there was a need to support all those who protested, and then, on the initiative of several people, including Antoni Macierewicz and a whole galaxy of people in opposition, a movement was created, which he called became the Workers’ Defense Committee, which was to support all those who opposed this communist hegemony and fought for a free, sovereign Poland, explained Suski with the new wording of the draft resolution.


After reading the revised content, the deputies began accusing Suski of interfering too far into the original bill. At one point, Senyszyn took the floor in the committee. – In this first project, there are indeed no names, and although it seems that on this anniversary of the establishment of KOR, fourteen founders could be mentioned, but it is also possible not to mention them, if such a concept is adopted. Whereas in the latter (version – ed.) Three names are mentioned – priest (Roman – ed.) Kotlarz, Karol Wojtyła and Stanisław Pyjas – she said.

– And Jan Olszewski yet – added the chairman of Suski.

– This is completely wrong, because just to mention these names on the occasion of KOR, it makes no sense and no justification – the politician said.

Joanna SenyszynTVN24

Suski said that “this text is more harsh, it resembles crimes, it mentions the murdered people and people who supported the workers, and there are actually four names here”. – I understand Ms Senyszyn, who comes from the post-communist party movement, that she does not want to be reminded of this story, but it is a fact. Poles have gone through such a difficult history – he added.

Opposition MPs left the room

As a sign of protest, the opposition deputies left the room where the committee was debating. – Before voting, please check the quorum, because I’m afraid (it – ed.) Will not be there – Senyszyn told Suski.

The chairman of the committee meeting finally conducted a vote on the resolution. – I would like to ask if there is any objection to the adoption of this resolution together with the changes? I do not see any objection, so I believe that the committee has adopted and considered the text of the resolution, Suski said.

Marek Suskisejm.gov.pl

On the website of the Seym can be found report of the Culture and Media Committee on the parliamentary draft resolution on the 45th anniversary of the establishment of KOR. It shows that the committee conducted the first reading and considered the draft resolution.

Member of the Left: we will not participate in this

Paulina Matysiak, MP from the Left, referred to Tuesday’s events on the Sejm committee. “We left, with the entire opposition – from the session of the parliamentary committee on culture. Chairman Marek Suski is distorting history. Gumming of the history of KOR-people who contributed to the freedom of Poland is simply indecent. We will not participate in this!” – she wrote on Twitter.

Main photo source: sejm.gov.pl

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