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Diet. Lex anti-TVN. Jarosław Sachajko on the reasons for voting for reassumption

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The anti-TVN law was adopted by the Sejm on Wednesday. Earlier, Marshal Elżbieta Witek ordered a reassumption of the PiS losing vote on the motion to adjourn the proceedings, which was rejected when the vote was repeated. On Thursday, Jarosław Sachajko (voted for lex anti-TVN) referred to the vote of Kukiz’15 MPs on this matter. He also spoke about the meeting of politicians with the Marshal of the Sejm and Jarosław Kaczyński during the break between the votes.

On Wednesday after 5 p.m., the voting block began in the Sejm, the plan of which included, among others, vote on the lex anti-TVN bill. Unexpectedly, the deputies, at the request of the opposition, voted to postpone the meeting until September. Immediately after the vote, Sejm Marshal Elżbieta Witek from PiS called a meeting of the Seniors’ Convention. When the deputies returned to the meeting room, Witek announced that she had received a request for reassumption of voting on the adjournment of the sitting of the Sejm. She stressed that she had analyzed him. This conclusion, she said, refers to the fact that “no date was given”. “I consulted five lawyers who confirmed that this motion could be voted on at this hearing,” she said.


In another vote, the Sejm rejected the motion to adjourn the session. That day was accepted an amendment to the Broadcasting Act known as the Lex anti-TVN act. The bill was supported by 228 MPs, with 216 votes against and 10 abstentions.

In the opinion of commentators, the PiS project targets the independence of TVN. Many journalists, politicians and institutions protested against the changes in the media law.

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Jarosław Sachajko on a mistake during the vote

Kukiz’15 politicians: Paweł Kukiz, Jarosław Sachajko, Stanisław Tyszka and Stanisław Żuk, in the first vote, they were together with the opposition “in favor” of postponing the meeting. When the Sejm resumed its deliberations, they already voted against the adjournment of the deliberations. They also voted with PiS politicians and “for” the lex anti-TVN law.

In an interview with TVN24 journalist Maja Wójcikowska, Jarosław Sachajko spoke about the reasons for such behavior. As he admitted, during earlier votes in the Sejm, they voted with the opposition to expand the agenda. – We always vote like this, because we want the parliament to work – he said. Responding to the TVN24 journalist, he said that it was “deliberate voting on very important items to supplement the current session of the Sejm”. – It was COVID, 770 billion, which is the National Reconstruction Plan and a data leak. It was very important, he said.

– Suddenly, after PiS lost these votes, the Civic Platform and PSL come out and say: actually it is not that important. Let’s postpone it to September 1 or 2, he commented. In his opinion, the reason for this “is very simple”. – Yesterday we also voted a very important law on the Zamość Academy for me and the entire Zamość region. This law says that the Zamojska Academy must start on September 1 and that is why they put it on the first or second (September – ed.) To have their success, to put PiS on foot, so that something would go wrong – he assessed.

Jarosław Sachajko on a mistake during the first vote to adjourn the meetingTVN24

Speaking about the votes in favor during the first vote to adjourn the debate, the MP admitted that “it was an obvious mistake”. – I could not recommend my colleagues to vote in favor of postponing it to September, because I would vote against the project, which has been piloting for six years – he said.

MP Kukiz’15 said that yesterday in the Sejm there was “stomping, shouting, many screeches”. – And Mrs. Marshal, who reads everything like wildfire with a mask on her face. Quiet and indistinct – he added.

Sachajko: We want to cooperate honestly with PiS

Jarosław Sachajko emphasized that “we have signed a program agreement with Law and Justice for several months”. – We want to work honestly and cooperate, because without PiS the anti-corruption law will not pass – he added.

When asked why they voted for the reassumption of the vote on the adjournment of the meeting, MP Kukiz’15 replied that “after we made a mistake, I went to Marshal Elżbieta Witek and I made an obvious mistake”. – The marshal consulted five lawyers who told her that a reassumption was possible – he said. – There were five expert opinions, we voted in favor to continue working – he added.

Sachajko on talks during the break between votes

Sachajko, when asked if the Kukiz’15 MPs met with Jarosław Kaczyński during the break between the votes, replied that “we met with Mrs. Speaker, Jarosław Kaczyński, the Prime Minister and 30 other MPs who were there.”

When asked why all the persons mentioned by Sachajka were there, the MP replied that “please ask them about it”. – I went to the marshal and told me what the problem was. They were all already there – he said.

Sachajko on talks during the break between votes TVN24

– I told them what I have just here. And they decided that a reassumption had to be done – added Sachajko.

When asked if there were any proposals for Kukiz’15 MPs from the ruling camp, the MP replied that “there was no question about it”. – No offer was made to me or my colleagues. I would ask us not to pursue a policy of bribing Members. Thanks to our anti-corruption law, from the next term in office such mongering will not be possible – said the MP.

Main photo source: TVN24

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