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Diet. Marshal Elżbieta Witek decided to reassume the vote. Łukasz Chojnia comments

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The spirit of the rule of law, I hope, will never die, but what happened yesterday was an attempt to put it on the altar – said Dr. Łukasz Chojniak from the University of Warsaw in “Get up and know” on TVN24. As he added, it is very important that we get to know the content of the legal opinions and the names of the lawyers referred to by the Speaker of the Sejm, Elżbieta Witek, who ordered the reassumption of the Wednesday’s vote on the adjournment of the chamber’s deliberations.

On Wednesday after 5 p.m., a voting block began in the Sejm, the plan of which included voting on the anti-TVN bill. Unexpectedly, the deputies, at the request of the opposition, voted to postpone the meeting until September. Immediately after the vote, the Marshal of the Sejm, Elżbieta Witek from Law and Justice, called a meeting of the Seniors’ Convention. When the deputies returned to the meeting room, Witek announced that she had received a request for reassumption of voting on the adjournment of the sitting of the Sejm. She stressed that she had analyzed him. This conclusion, she said, refers to the fact that “no date was given”. “I consulted five lawyers who confirmed that this motion could be voted on at this hearing,” she said.

In another vote, the Sejm rejected the motion to adjourn the session. On that day, the Lex TVN Act was put to a vote, passed with 228 votes.


Witek: there will be a reassumption of the voteTVN24

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Chojniak: it is important that we get to know the content of the legal opinions referred to by Marshal Witek

Lukasz Chojniak from the University of Warsaw commented on Wednesday’s events in the Sejm on TVN24.

– It is very important in the perspective of what happened, so that we not only get to know which lawyers are, but also get to know the content of these opinions, why, in the opinion of these lawyers, there were justified doubts that indicated the need for reassumption – said Chojniak. “The spirit of the rule of law will never die, I hope, but what happened yesterday was an attempt to put it on the altar,” he said.

Chojniak noted that “reassumption is of course an acceptable thing, but only when the voting result is read immediately”, indicates errors on the part of the voting authority or technical errors.

– In this situation, it does not stick to evidence. Madam Speaker says: Dear Members, I have misled you, I have given an inaccurate date. Only those MPs who were the tongue of the scales did not say that they did not know what they voted for, that if they knew a different date, they would have voted differently. They just said yes we knew it was a deferment request and we were wrong. Well, you simply pay for a mistake. It is a matter of pressing the wrong button, it happens – said the lawyer.

He thus referred to behavior three MPs from Kukiz’15who initially supported the adjournment, and after the reassumption, voted the opposite. They explained the change of position with a “mistake” during the first vote.

Reassumption of voting – A record of the Sejm’s regulationstvn24.pl

Chojniak: voting until it succeeds has nothing to do with parliamentarism

Article 189 of the Sejm Regulations says that a reassumption of voting may be ordered when the result of voting raises “reasonable doubts”. Chojniak, when asked if such had occurred in this case, Chojniak replied that he had not.

– Doubts must be created by the body conducting the vote. This point cannot serve the purpose of saying, after voting, when my will changes, oh well, I was wrong, let’s vote again. It is really a vote until it succeeds. It has nothing to do with parliamentarism. It is forcing every vote with your knee so that the result is on our side – assessed the TVN24 guest.

As he explained, “the reassumption is that you can repeat the vote, but the error cannot be declared by the voter, but created by the voter and is rather technical in nature.” “None of these things happened in this case,” he argued.

Main photo source: PAP / Wojciech Olkuśnik

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