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Difficult conditions in the mountains. Avalanche “two” in the Tatras, Karkonosze and Babia Góra

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In the Tatras, Karkonosze and Babia Góra there is a second degree of avalanche danger. The conditions for practicing tourism are difficult, there are drifts in places, and in many places the trails are not cleared.

In Tatra Mountains the conditions for practicing tourism in the higher parts are difficult. According to the Tatra National Park, there is a thick layer of snow on the trails. In many places they are not worn, so their course may be invisible. The wind created very deep drifts in places, especially against walls and in concave formations.

Mountain hiking only for “very experienced” people

“Moving in such conditions requires a lot of experience in winter mountain tourism, having the right equipment (crampons, ice ax, helmet, avalanche ABC – along with the ability to use it) and a very good assessment of the local avalanche risk in the field” – recommends the TPN.

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There is also snow on the lower-lying trails – on the more frequented ones it is generally well wiped, but this does not mean that tourists can afford to be carefree there. “It is slippery in places, we recommend taking crampons and poles” – TPN appeals.

Avalanche ABC – what should we have with us?Detector, probe and shovel – avalanche ABC.TVN24

Avalanche “two” in the Tatra Mountains

In the Tatras, there is the second in a five-level, increasing scale of avalanche risk. According to the Tatra Volunteer Rescue Service, the snow cover is generally well bound, but on some steep slopes – moderately. Triggering an avalanche is usually possible with a high additional load, especially on steep slopes. Spontaneous descent of very large avalanches is unlikely.

TOPR avalanche report, January 23, 2023

App "Rescue" - quick help in the mountains

Application “Rescue” – quick help in the mountainsThe “Rescue” application is a quick help in the mountains. tvn24

The second degree of avalanche danger on Babia Góra and in the Karkonosze Mountains

In the Karkonosze Mountains, there is a second degree (moderate) avalanche risk. As the Mountain Volunteer Rescue Service writes, care must be taken above all in “places of greater deposits” by the blowing wind. The tourist conditions on the trails are very difficult, just like in the Tatras, there are drifts in places, and the trails are often not cleared.

The snow cover in the higher parts is 30-60 centimeters. More snow is deposited in depressions, behind land breaks on the leeward sides in post-glacial cirques and on some steep slopes above the upper forest line. According to GOPR, in these places the snow carried by the wind has been deposited in the form of snow cushions, which are kind of traps. In places of deposition, the snow cover is unstable. The thickness of the older and blown snow cover in these places is 70-100 cm.

There is also an avalanche “two” on Babia Góra. The snow cover is generally well bound there, but moderately on some steep slopes. “Threatened places should be expected in areas where snow from recent rainfall has been carried by the wind and formed deposits on the old hard cover and locally snow boards – under terrain breaks, in hollows, ravines, gullies.” Mountain Rescue Service points out that “due to variable wind directions” the threat should be expected in different places. In the top parts, the thickness of the cover is over 80 cm, in wind-blown places it is much more. More than 40 cm of snow has fallen in the last few days.

Avalanches – a deadly threatPAP


In the Bieszczady Mountains there is an avalanche “one”. Avalanche danger occurs locally on steep and very steep slopes, in places where fresh snow is deposited by strong wind blowing above the upper forest line. The snow cover is made of frozen and blown snow. The most snow (60-70 cm) is on the leeward slopes. In addition, in the dorsal parts, the cover is 30 cm. The trails are mostly covered and unpaved.

Avalanches are a deadly threat (archive video)

Avalanches are a deadly threat (archive video)03/01/2019| The risk of avalanches in the Polish mountains is high. In such conditions, it is best not to go to the mountains at all. Please note that in difficult weather and snow conditions, the help of rescuers may not arrive on time. Jacek Będkowski, the organizer of avalanche training, talks about avalanches.tvn24

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Main photo source: TVN24

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