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Difficulties in approving aid for farmers from Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia by the European Commission

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There is an impasse regarding the granting of EUR 40 million by the European Commission (EC) to Polish farmers, although there is no final decision yet, RMF FM radio informed. In turn, government spokesman Piotr Mueller assured that there are no threats to the aid that goes to Polish farmers, because the support is financed from the Polish budget at the level of 90 percent or more.

European Commission confirmed to RMF FM that “there are difficulties with approving the support package in the amount of EUR 100 million for farmers from Poland, HungarianBulgaria, Romania and Slovakia.” “Polish farmers should receive nearly PLN 40 million in this package. It was originally announced that this package would be approved today.

As EC spokeswoman Miriam Garcia Ferrer said, “there are still some challenges and unresolved issues in this context, which is why we have not been able to go further with the support package.”

Deadlock on aid to farmers

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“The point is that, according to the European Commission, 5 countries do not meet their obligations. The spokeswoman reminded that the EC agreed to extend the import ban from Ukraine wheat, corn, rapeseed and sunflower seeds by mid-September, but 5 countries should lift unilateral bans (Hungary has still not done so) and lift obstacles in transit.

It explained that “Ursula von der Leyen wants guarantees that the 5 countries will not hinder the transit of Ukrainian agricultural products to countries that need them.” It also added that “the head of the European Commission also opposes the next tranche of aid – it is about EUR 330 million for other EU havens”, “and this money was to convince countries such as SpainFrance or Italy to accept 100 million for 5 countries” and therefore “there is an impasse for now”.

Government spokesman on the reports

During a press conference on Monday, government spokesman Piotr Mueller referred to reports that the European Commission had problems with approving aid for farmers in five so-called frontline countries due to the fact that these countries have allegedly failed to fulfill their obligations regarding the transit of grain products from Ukraine and are hindering it. Journalists asked the ombudsman when the money from the EU could reach Poland.

– There are no threats to the aid that goes to Polish farmers. It is financed from the Polish budget at the level of 90 percent, maybe even more – informed Mueller. He added that EU support is included in the aid plan for farmers, while most of the aid is from the national budget, so “these funds can be moved if necessary”.

He also stressed that Poland “consistently complies” with the provisions on import restrictions on its territory.

The European Commission announced on June 5 that it had extended the ban on imports of wheat, corn, rapeseed and sunflower seeds from Ukraine to Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia until September 15. The indicated grains from Ukraine can still be transported in transit through the territories of five countries.

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