Dining room. He was already going to bed, suddenly he heard a noise. He ran out of the house with a first aid kit, a policeman helped the accident victim


A policeman from the Radom traffic police department was the first to rush to the aid of a driver whose car had veered off the road in the town of Jedlnia. Junior cadet Bartłomiej Rybak is also a rescuer and a comrade in the Volunteer Fire Department in Pionki. When he heard the noise and the horn, he ran out of the house with a first aid kit without a moment's hesitation.

As described by the press team of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Radom, it was midnight from Sunday to Monday. A local traffic policeman decided to drink some water before going to bed. At one point, he heard a strange noise, and then a continuous horn in a car. Junior cadet Bartłomiej Rybak already knew that something bad had most likely happened. He grabbed a first aid kit and ran out of the house.

The incident took place in Jedlnia near Radom.Provincial Police Headquarters in Radom

He was the first on the scene

Police say the 71-year-old Volkswagen driver lost control of the vehicle on a bend in Jedlnia and went off the road. He was taken to hospital with head and shoulder injuries.

“However, for the younger aspirant Bartłomiej Rybak, it was a night during which he had to demonstrate the knowledge he had gained over the years of service in the Police and Volunteer Fire Department in Pionki. When he reached the car, he was the first one. Together with the driver of the truck that had stopped, they started to help help the accident victim,” we read in the message.

“The 71-year-old was covered in blood. A police officer, who is also a rescuer, dressed the man's wounds. The fire department and ambulance were called. After the services arrived at the scene, the man, who began to feel unwell, was placed on a rescue board and taken to hospital,” the Radom police department informs.

According to the police officers, if it were not for the immediate reaction, experience and effective actions of Junior Warrant Officer Rybak, the whole situation could have had a different ending.

The incident took place in Jedlnia near RadomKWP in Radom

Main image source: KWP in Radom

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