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Director Jan Komasa will shoot the film in Hollywood, USA. American stars in the cast

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According to “The Hollywood Reporter”, Jan Komasa will direct the film “Anniversary” (“Anniversary”), in which we will see, among others, the star of “Unfaithful” Diane Lane, Kyle Chandler (“Manchester by the Sea”) and Daryl McCormack (“Good luck, Leo Grande”). The picture is supposed to be a “provocative thriller”.

Jan Komasa’s preparations for his English-language debut overseas, interrupted by the outbreak of the pandemic, were already reported by the film media in 2020. Work on it took several years.

Today it is known that the film will be a joint project of Lionsgate and Fifth Season. The screenplay for it, based on a story created with Komasa, was written by Lori Rosene-Gambino.

The producers of the film are Nick Wechsler, Steve Schwartz, Paula Mae Schwartz and Kate Churchill. The achievements of these four include such famous titles as the Oscar-winning “Spotlight”, “Under the Skin”, “Magic Mike” or “Road”.

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A provocative thriller

“Anniversary” is billed by its creators as a provocative thriller about a loving family that falls apart when a new movement called “Change” sweeps across the globe. United States.

Three years ago, in an interview for Variety magazine, Jan Komasa said about his future film: “I’m working on an intimate project about my most personal nightmare, about a group of people who love each other but are put to the test by the destructive power of the social virus. Action The film is set in a near-future, dystopian future.

Jan KomasaKalbar Archive/PAP

“It is rare to read a script that is as emotionally engaging and engaging as ‘Anniversary'” – they assess in an interview with “The Hollywood Reporter” Graham Taylor and Chris Rice, co-founders of production company Fifth Season. “Jan Komasa is the perfect filmmaker to bring this exciting story to life and we are thrilled to embark on this journey with Lionsgate, with its talented team of filmmakers and this amazing cast.”

The cast of “Anniversary” is indeed impressive. In addition to being nominated for Oscar for her role in “Unfaithful” Diane Lane and known for such films as “Manchester by the Sea” Kyle Chandler, stars such as Daryl McCormack (“Good luck, Leo Grande”), Madeline Brewer (“The Handmaid’s Tale”) will appear in it “) and Zoey Deutch (“Before I Go”).

The producers emphasize that Jan Komasa’s film will attract attention with its drama and suspense. In their opinion, “couldn’t be more universal and up-to-date”.

Bartosz Bielenia in Komasy’s film “Corpus Christi” Cinema World

Will the creator of “God’s body” conquer Hollywood?

Jan Komasa is one of the most talented Polish directors who drew attention to himself in 2011 with his original debut, the film Suicide Room. After that, he made a shocking picture about the Warsaw Uprising called “Miasto 44”, which differed from his native films about war in both its original form and message.

Nominated for an Oscar in 2020, “Corpus Christi” was the third film of the less than 38-year-old director at the time. An intimate story about faith and spirituality, full of subcutaneous tension and striking superficial religiosity, brought him enormous success and recognition also overseas. In addition to the Oscar nomination, the picture won as many as 10 Polish Film Awards, a nomination for the César, European Film Awards, the Goya Awards and the Golden Lions in Gdynia for the best director.

Komasa’s fourth film was a loose continuation of his first picture entitled Suicide Room. Haters. And again, we got a penetrating diagnosis of our modernity: in “Haters”, the protagonist’s frustration resulting from social rejection becomes a source of ubiquitous hatred.

The announcement of the Polish filmmaker’s American debut shows that Komasa is also keeping a close eye on society this time, although his latest diagnoses will concern the future. Will they appeal to American viewers? It remains to keep our fingers crossed that the film will repeat the success of “Corpus Christi”, which delighted the local audience.

An interview with Jan Komasa about the 92nd Oscars galaMaterial from February 10, 2020.TVN24

“The Hollywood Reporter”, tvn24.pl

Main photo source: Kalbar Archive/PAP

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