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Dispute among nationalists. Robert Bąkiewicz about the burglary, politicians from the Confederation entered the office of the Independence March Association at night. Winnicki answers

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Conflict in the ranks of nationalists. Robert Bąkiewicz wrote on the Internet about the “break-in” to the editorial office of the nationalist television, located in the same office as the headquarters of the Independence March Association. “Confederation politicians and activists entered the office at night,” he added. Robert Winnicki, MP of the Confederation, reacted to this entry. “An inventory is underway to establish the facts and prevent further theft of assets by the former CEO and his people,” he said on Twitter. The “former president” is Bąkiewicz, dismissed in mid-February from the position of the head of the Independence March Association.

Nationalists associated with Robert Bąkiewicz want to launch their television station – MN TV. In the Independence March Association, however, there is a conflict for leadership between Bąkiewicz’s supporters and his opponents – including members of the Confederation. In mid-February, Bąkiewicz was dismissed as president and replaced by Bartosz Malewski, and then by the board of the Association decided to remove Bąkiewicz from the organization.

Bąkiewicz did not recognize the voting results of the General Assembly of the Association and submitted a notification to the prosecutor’s office. He claims that the convened meeting was illegal.

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Bąkiewicz: There has been a burglary. Confederate politicians entered the office

On Monday, Bąkiewicz wrote on Twitter that at night “there was a break-in” in the “office of the Independence March Association, whose tenant is the editorial office of TV Media Narodowe”.

“Confederation politicians and activists entered the office at night. They locked themselves from the inside and hired security that does not let anyone who is not associated with Robert Winnicki’s environment. This attack is a violation of freedom of speech and prevents the work of independent television. In addition, in the premises (.. .) there are private items belonging to the company and editorial staff. We have no way to recover them “- he reported.

Michał Jelonek, an employee of TV MN, wrote: “Politicians of the National Movement and the Confederation broke into the headquarters of the independent TV MN under the cover of night. They keep journalists’ private belongings, interrupted the broadcast. In front of the door they hired ‘security’. Bandit methods of the Confederation. Witold Tumanowicz inside and Michal Urbaniak.

Confederation activists: stocktaking, we hand over things belonging to people associated with Bąkiewicz

Confederation MP Robert Winnicki then wrote that “an inventory is underway at the March of Independence Association, which is to establish the facts and protect SMN against further theft of assets by the former president (Bąkiewicz – ed.) and his people.”

Confederation activist and vice-president of the March of Independence Association Witold Tumanowicz wrote that “personal belongings belonging to people related to Robert Bąkiewicz” are being released.

The photo he published on Twitter shows, among other things, a mug with the logo of Law and Justice, a mug with the logo of the Rota Niepodległości Association and a lanyard from the election campaign Andrzej Duda from 2020.

In another entry, Tumanowicz argued – referring to the resolution of the Independence March Association and the date of establishment of Telewizja Media Narodowe – that “it is not possible for TV MN to sublease an office from the Independence March Association”.

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