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Distance learning in schools near the border with Belarus. Suspended classes in facilities in Kuźnica and Nowy Dwór

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Schools in Nowy Dwór and Kuźnica in the Sokolski poviat are switching to distance learning due to the situation on the border with Belarus. On Monday morning, hundreds of migrants gathered at the border crossing in Kuźnica.

Beata Pietruszka, the education superintendent from Podlasie, decided to suspend the full-time classes in schools in Nowy Dwór and Kuźnica. The spokeswoman for the board of trustees, Małgorzata Palanis, announced that these were the first such decisions by the curator and the first applications submitted by educational institutions.

In the Primary School in Nowy Dwór, remote classes will be held until November 26, and in the Primary School in Kuźnica until November 19, Palanis said.


Decision under the regulation

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According to the regulation, until November 30, 2021, educational institutions (public and private schools or kindergartens) from nine border counties: Augustów, Biała, Białystok, Hajnów, Łosice, Sejny, Siemiatycze, Sokólski and Włodawski can go to remote learning.

The justification of the regulation states that it results “from the need to define the functioning of the educational system units due to the migration crisis and the tense situation on the Polish-Belarusian border”.

Migrants at the border crossing in Kuźnica

On Monday morning, hundreds of migrants flocked to border crossing in Kuźnica. Belarusian services led them there from the nearby camp where they had been camping for a week.

Border crossing in Kuźnicatwitter.com/WasikMaciej

Main photo source: Ministry of National Defence

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