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“Disturbing hallucinations”, “persistent vomiting”. Several people in hospital after eating jelly beans

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Mushroom jelly products have been withdrawn from sale after several people in Australia were hospitalized with symptoms including “disturbing hallucinations” and “persistent vomiting”. In early June, the teenager was found “in an unconscious state.” As it turned out, the young man also ate “a couple of jelly beans.” Experts “strongly recommend that people do not consume them.” The manufacturer appeals to customers not to even open the packages.

According to the BBC, in Australia Mushroom jelly products were withdrawn from sale after several people were hospitalized after consuming them. In addition to “disturbing hallucinations” and “persistent vomiting,” other symptoms have been reported: seizure-like activity, restlessness, drowsiness and rapid heartbeat. Earlier this month, a teenager was also found “in an unconscious state” after consuming “a couple of jelly beans.” “He received treatment and is now recovering,” South Australian government officials said in a statement.

In a series of warnings, authorities said the problem affected Uncle Frog's brand jelly beans, which contain cordyceps (a type of mushroom from the Cordyceps family) and Lion's Mane. After consuming them, some consumers reportedly “experienced unexpected toxicity.”

The composition of the jellies is being tested

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Hospitalizations occurred throughout the country. Authorities are currently investigating what exactly is in these products that may cause health problems. “We strongly recommend that people do not consume them,” the medical director of the NSW Poison Information Center said in a statement on Wednesday. WalesDr. Darren Roberts.

The Uncle Frog's website previously advertised itself as a Byron Bay-based company offering “specially formulated” gummies, created to “promote overall wellbeing”.

The company's website currently states: “Customers should not eat or open this product and should safely discard it or return it to us. Please contact us and email support@unclefrog.com.au or reply to this message text for safe disposal and refund instructions. Any consumer concerned about their health should seek medical advice. Regards, Uncle Frog.”

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