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divine mother. Mrs. Aneta began her fight against cancer during her pregnancy to give birth to a healthy daughter

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Marcelina weighed almost three kilograms, she got 10 points on the Apgar scale. Although her way into the world was difficult and risky. Aneta was hospitalized with breast cancer. In the eighth month of pregnancy, she underwent chemotherapy. Now she struck the symbolic Victory Bell.

The Victory Bell rang on Friday only for Mrs. Aneta. She had dreamed of this moment for over a year. She dreamed for two. For myself and for Marcelina. It was she who gave her the strength to fight. Although the decision to start chemotherapy in the eighth month of pregnancy was extremely difficult. – For the first 24 hours after the diagnosis, I slept for two hours, cried for the next 22 hours, but when I had thrown it all out, such a fighting mode turned on and I just started thinking task-wise – says Aneta Strojanowska.

Ms. Aneta fulfilled every task exemplary. She finished the first series of chemo with a smile on her face, she gave birth on time by the forces of nature, and Marcelina got 10 points on the Apgar scale. – We sometimes said difficult things to each other, but as if fully understanding what the intentions were, we managed – says Mariusz Grzesiak, PhD, head of the Department of Perinatology, Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Institute of “Polish Mother’s Health Center” in Łódź.

Szczylik: Cancer incidence is measured with the awareness that the annual increase is about two or three percentTVN24

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Shared success

It was also possible to successfully conduct the second series of chemotherapy, and the double mastectomy – along with breast reconstruction – was just a “dot over the i”. – The course of breast cancer during pregnancy, contrary to old beliefs, is not worse than the course of breast cancer in women who are not pregnant – convinces Professor Marek Zadrożny, head of the Department of Oncological Surgery and Breast Diseases of the Institute of “Polish Mother’s Health Center” in Łódź. If it is worse, it is only when the diagnosis is made too late and the decision on immediate treatment is delayed.

In the first trimester, chemotherapy must not be used, in the second one it is possible under special supervision, in the third – nothing stands in the way. – More and more drugs can be used during pregnancy, we have more and more data on this subject. It seems that we will be able to expand these drugs with more and more modern ones, because we already have numerous patients treated around the world – says Professor Ewa Kalinka, head of the Oncology Clinic of the Institute of “Polish Mother’s Health Center” in Łódź.

During pregnancy, breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women, cervical cancer is second on the list, and lymphoma took the third place. About 120 pregnant women in Poland are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. Be prepared for these numbers to grow. – Due to the fact that Polish women decide to get pregnant much later than in previous generations, it is not 22-25 years, but now it is usually 35-40 years – explains Professor Marek Zadrożny. Women like Mrs. Aneta are called “divine mothers” because they overcame death during pregnancy. – Still a little disbelief that it’s over, that it’s already behind me. And above all, I am happy that now I will be able to spend the time I used to spend on treatment, on the hospital, for her – explains Aneta.

Main photo source: Marzanna Zielińska/Fakty TVN

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