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DK 61, Borowa Góra. The driver crashed into energy-absorbing barriers

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The dangerous incident took place on Monday morning on national road number 61 in Borowa Góra. The driver hit energy-absorbing screens. No one was hurt and the driver was fined.

– Two teams of firefighters worked on site. The activities lasted from 7:40 a.m. to 9:20 a.m. They consisted of securing the scene of the incident and removing the car. No one was injured. Shrapnel damaged another car that was passing on the national road at the time – told us junior brigadier Łukasz Szulborski, press officer of the District Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Legionowo.


As the firefighter added, alternating traffic towards Legionowo was in force for the duration of the activities. – The driver left the car on his own before the arrival of the services – he emphasized.

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The incident was also confirmed by the police. – The driver of the Dodge car did not adjust his speed to the conditions and hit an energy-absorbing barrier. The incident resulted in a fine. The driver was sober, said Commissioner Justyna Stopińska, spokeswoman for the Legionowo police.

Main photo source: District Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Legionowo

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