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Dmytro Kuleba: NATO should play a greater role in the security sphere in the Black Sea region

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The head of Ukrainian diplomacy, Dmytro Kuleba, stated that NATO should play a greater role in the security sphere in the Black Sea region and integrate Ukraine’s air defense with the defense of NATO members. Kuleba spoke on Thursday via video link at a conference in Bucharest dedicated to security in this part of Europe.

‘The Black Sea is essential for the security of the whole of Europe and for it to be future-oriented,’ he said Dmytro Kuleba. “Unfortunately, this is also an example of how things can quickly deteriorate if risks are neglected. It’s time to transform the Black Sea into what it has become Baltic Sea – into the sea FOR THIS – added the head of Ukrainian diplomacy.

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The Ukrainian Black Sea coast was an important section of the front after being launched by Russia invasion on Ukraine last year, according to Reuters. The Black Sea is also a key trade route for both Moscow and Kiev for grain exports. Blocking trade routes by Russia in 2022 threatened a food crisis on a global scale, but thanks to the efforts of the United Nations and the mediation of Turkey, the danger was averted by developing the so-called grain deals.

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– We must solve the problem of Russia together. I particularly support the ideas of experts to integrate Ukraine’s air defense systems with the systems of NATO members with bases on the Black and Baltic Seas, said Kuleba.

Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Russians in the Black Sea hit a ship under the flag of MoldovaTVN24, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

The advance of the Russian army was stopped

The Russian Black Sea Fleet has its base in Crimea, a peninsula that belongs de jure to Ukraine, but which has been under Russian occupation since 2014. After the invasion launched by Russia in February 2022, its forces occupied the entire coast of the Sea of ​​\u200b\u200bAzov, which connects to the Black Sea. The advance of the Russian army in conquering the Black Sea was stopped about 130 km east of Odessa, Ukraine’s main port city, Reuters reminded Reuters.

Minister Kuleba said at the Bucharest conference that July’s NATO summit in Vilnius will be an opportunity to take a step forward on Ukraine’s long-awaited NATO membership, and the alliance should “show that the door is not only open, but that there is a clear plan for when and on what terms Ukraine will cross them.

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