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Dmytro Kuleba: Patriots in Poland would also protect western Ukraine

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The authorities in Kiev are still seeking additional Patriot missile systems to protect Ukraine against Russian attacks. According to the head of Ukrainian diplomacy, Dmytro Kuleba, Patriot launchers deployed in Poland could also protect the sky over western Ukraine.

As Dmytro Kuleba stated, “this scenario is completely realistic, but very different solutions are taken into account.”

– In fact, it would allow NATO countries to be protected against Russian missiles and drones that may also come to their territories, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Ukrainian television.

Kuleba emphasized that the deployment of all Patriot launchers depends on the decision of the United States, but the authorities in Kiev “know exactly where (these missile systems) are located.”

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American Patriot systems. Illustrative photo Lance Cpl. Alyssa Chuluda/US Marine Corps

“Behind Closed Doors”

The head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also said that he proposes various solutions to partners regarding the provision of air defense systems.

– When we sit behind closed doors, I tell all our (Western) partners directly: my dears, do as you see fit – if you want to lease (Patriots), lease them, and if you want them to protect your border, let it be done. . But give us (these launchers), said the minister.

Patriot missile system PAP

As the Ukrainian authorities emphasize, the aim of the latest Russian missile attacks and drone strikes is not only to limit Ukraine's energy potential as much as possible, but also to exhaust the country's air defense means.

Government representatives in Kiev have long been seeking additional supplies of missile launchers from Western countries.

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kiev revealed that Ukraine is currently conducting advanced talks with allies regarding the supply of two Patriot batteries and one Samp-T battery (French-Italian air defense system).

Main photo source: Lance Cpl. Alyssa Chuluda/US Marine Corps

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