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Dobczyce. The principal of the primary school has been suspended and will appear before a disciplinary committee. Demonstration of support

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In Dobczyce (Małopolska) there was a demonstration in defense of the headmistress and teachers of the local school. She was suspended after she allowed students to attend a meeting on the Polish constitution. – We must still hope and be sure that we will join the rest of the democratic world, because at the moment we have escaped from it – said the famous actor Andrzej Chyra, who participated in the meeting.

The demonstration in defense of the teacher and headmistress of the primary school in Dobczyce took place on Sunday in the town square. Aleksandra Sutkowska was suspended from her duties after she allowed students to participate in the Tour de Konstytucja in June. The decision to suspend was made by the mayor of the city, who himself participated in the meeting. As he argued, he was obliged to do so by the board of trustees.

On Sunday, lawyers and artists appeared at the demonstration. Among them was the actor and director Andrzej Chyra.

– This is what the authorities wanted to obtain, i.e. above all, that the constitution is a forbidden and somewhat inappropriate commodity, that is, to cause fear around the constitution, because the task of the Tour de Constitution is to disenchant this constitution, remove the odium of arms from it and show that it is written in simple language and it organizes our whole life in a very simple way – said Chyra in an interview with TVN24.

He added that, in his opinion, “the authority has now exceeded all limits.”

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“Now we have a situation where we don’t know what the limit of what else they can do, and it makes us anxious. he said.

Demonstration in DobczycePAP / Łukasz Gągulski

As the actor said, after six years “we are all a bit chilled”. – When we talk about normality after the pandemic, it seems to me that we must still hope and be sure that we will join the rest of the democratic world, because at the moment we have escaped from it – he added.

He also explained that after the suspension of the headmistress from Dobczyce, every other headmaster will consider the consequences before making any decision.

He added that he put forward the initiative for the constitution to be included in the reading canon. – If we had it stuck in our spine, in our consciousness, mentality, maybe we would react differently, and we don’t know it, we don’t know it – he explained

A demonstration of support for the director from DobczycePAP / Łukasz Gągulski

Principal suspended for meeting on the constitution

Tour de Constitution was organized in June. At that time, meetings were held all over Poland. Civil rights and obligations were discussed there.

In Dobczyce, such a meeting was attended by students of the local primary school No. 1. Przemysław Czarnek, Minister of Education and Science, he later announced that he would draw the consequences towards people who agreed to the participation of students in the event. He called their presence at the constitutional meeting “disgusting and scandalous”. Barbara Nowak, the curator of education in Małopolska, also announced that she would take steps.


Nowak demanded that the mayor of Dobczyce dismiss the school’s principal. The mayor initially refused to make a decision and asked that the matter be dealt with by the board operating at the school board. Eventually, however, the headmaster was suspended.

The mayor of Dobczyce argues that he did not want to suspend the director, but was obliged to do so by the board of trustees. – According to my legal advisers, the regulations required a decision to be made without the possibility of issuing an assessment by the leading authority. I have to follow the regulations that are binding on me when it comes to the pedagogical supervision authority. I was practically obligated – explains Tomasz Suś, mayor of Dobczyce.

Ultimately, the motion for suspending the headmistress was submitted by the disciplinary spokesman at the Małopolska voivodship and the children’s rights ombudsman. At the end of September, a decision was made that he was to appear before a disciplinary commission.

In the justification of the decision, we read that during the meeting on the constitution, students were exposed to content that was not adapted to their developmental age.

The headmistress has been suspended7.10 | In Dobczyce (Małopolska), the “Tour de Konstytucja” action was organized. Students took part in it, now the headmistress of the local Primary School No. 1 has been suspended and is to stand before a disciplinary commission. The Minister of National Education, Przemysław Czarnek, as well as the Ombudsman for Children and the school superintendent in Małopolska, demanded that any consequences be drawn from it. TVN24

Main photo source: PAP / Łukasz Gągulski

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