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Doctors from Olsztyn removed a giant jaw tumor and teenagers from Angola. Funds are collected for treatment

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Cristina, 15, from Angola, had a tumor in her jaw that had grown so large that she could not eat or speak normally. There was no chance for specialist treatment in a poor village, but thanks to the volunteers of the Children of Africa Foundation, a group of Polish surgeons reconstructed her face. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

Seven-hour operation successfully completed. Polish surgeons removed a giant jaw tumor and reconstructed the face of 15-year-old Cristina with Angola. – Both the functional, aesthetic and social effect will be very satisfying – believes a specialist in the field of surgery, Prof. dr hab. Adam Maciejewski.

When the team of surgeons from Olsztyn was resection of the tumor, specialists from Gliwice took the fibula, which was used to reconstruct the mandible. There were 11 people working in the operating room at the same time.

“She’s recovering now.” At the moment, she is in the ICU, where she will be stabilized, her vital parameters will return to normal – explains Dr. Krzysztof Dowgierd, a specialist in surgery.

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Threat to life and meeting with volunteers

The tumor had been growing for years, but in the poor village where Cristina comes from, there was no chance for specialist treatment. Over time, the pain became unbearable. Cristina could not eat or speak normally, and she also lost some of her teeth. Without the help of the surgeons, the tumor would probably have killed her.

– The tumor was very richly vascularized and any injury in the area of ​​the mandible could result in fatal bleeding and death – emphasized Dr. Krzysztof Dowgierd.

11 medics participated in the operationTVN24

An unexpected chance for Cristina turned out to be a meeting with volunteers of the Children of Africa foundation. One of them works as a nurse in a children’s hospital in Olsztyn.

– I received a positive opinion that the hospital is willing and everything went smoothly – says volunteer and nurse Maria Wiśniewska.

Fundraising for the treatment of a teenager from Angola

The Children’s Hospital in Olsztyn is the only center in Poland specializing in the treatment of rare head and neck diseases. – Diagnostics was extensive: radiological, pathomorphological, samples were taken, laboratory diagnostics – enumerates the director of the hospital, Dr. Krystyna Piskorz-Ogórek.

– The costs of the girl’s treatment are covered by the African Children’s Foundation, but the specialists who undertook the surgical treatment resigned from remuneration – points out the director of the facility.

Financial help is still needed, because the cost of Cristina’s stay in the hospital alone is about PLN 100,000. Together with travel, stay in Poland and other expenses – a total of PLN 160,000. The fundraiser is still going on, but due to Cristina’s deteriorating condition, the doctors did not wait with the operation.

– About PLN 35,000 more is needed to complete the process of restoring health – explains Robert Noga, president of the Foundation for Children of Africa.

This operation is a chance for a new life for Cristina. The appearance of the girl will completely change. The pain she had to deal with every day will also pass. – She wants to go back to school, she wants to write, talk, eat normally – says psychologist and volunteer of the Children of Africa Foundation Maria Da Graca Woźniak.

Main photo source: TVN24

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