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Doctors from Poland gave hope to hundreds of patients in Africa. “We are trying to settle the score of injustice in this world.”

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One hundred orthopedic surgeries in five years – from the perspective of an average hospital in Poland, this is no feat, but in Rwanda and Zambia it is as many as one hundred procedures saving limbs and restoring mobility. For local patients, this is often their only chance for help. Doctors from Poland are behind it.

Niki is 14 years old and has never walked. The boy moves on his hands or on all fours because he suffers from congenital brittle bones. Doctors from Poland straightened his legs and there is a chance that the boy will soon be able to stand on them. – My dreams? I would like to become an engineer and build medical equipment, or I could become a doctor and I dream of playing football, says the boy.

Other Rwandans are also waiting for consultations with Polish orthopedists at the University Hospital in Kigali. Szymon Pietrzak from Otwock, Andrzej Warzoch from Gdańsk, Bartłomiej Osadnik from Chorzów and Paweł Koczewski from Poznań have already performed over a hundred operations on patients with limb deformities, chronic osteomyelitis and congenital defects.

Doctors bring some children to Poland for surgeries – including Seraphine, whom we showed in TVN's “Fakty” for four years. ago. Now the girl is thriving and getting educated. Our orthopedists got not only her back on her feet, but also her entire family. Among other things, they helped the girl's father find a job.

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– My father bought a cow, I know it sounds funny in Polish conditions, but for them this cow is the first step to some micro-wealth. They could afford to expand the field – recalls Dr. Barłomiej Osadnik, an orthopedist and traumatologist from the Municipal Hospital Complex in Chorzów.

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They live with constant pain. Doctors showed how they can help patientsMarek Nowicki/Fakty TVN

Aid for Africa

Africa is a continent full of gigantic natural resources that still requires help. The president of France has just announced that his country and other countries of the rich West will help African countries launch their own pharmaceutical industry.

By 2040, Africa will produce most of its own vaccines. Provided that investments are not wasted by corruption. Central support from Western countries often does not reach the lowest level, the citizens. Hence, such patient medical assistance at the basic level is invaluable.

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– After all, it is not our fault that we were born in this or that place. You could say that we are simply trying to settle some injustice in this world – emphasizes Dr. Paweł Koczewski, an orthopedist from the W. Dega Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Clinical Hospital in Poznań.

Main photo source: Bartłomiej Osadnik

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