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Doctors in Gdańsk transplanted a heart and lungs at the same time. “It’s a huge job for the whole hospital”

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New lungs and a new heart, all in one fell swoop. Medicine knows such cases and has just learned two more. Both operations were performed by doctors in Gdańsk.

The lungs and the heart from the same donor went to Mr. Dariusz Walczak a few months ago. The hospital, however, boasted of this double transplant only now, because after the operation the patient was fighting for his life for a long time. – There was a moment when after the surgery itself, after the surgery, I had a period, I call it oblivion. Some kind of bacteria got in there – says Mr. Dariusz. Now everything is fine. The 37-year-old patient, who was also transplanted with lungs and a heart at the same time, is feeling better and better. This type of surgery – simultaneous lung and heart transplantation – is performed rarely and only in patients who have already used other possibilities of rescue.

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Marek Breguła has been living with new lungs and a heart for 22 years. – First, there was my daughter’s communion, then I wanted a wedding, a granddaughter, a grandson. (…) The joy of this life is that a man does not think about the current state, but plans a little bit – assures Marek Breguła. 22 years ago, Marek Bregula’s life was saved by Professor Marian Zembala from Zabrze. Few such operations have been performed in Poland since then. A total of two at the Institute of Cardiology in Anin and four at the Silesian Center for Heart Diseases in Zabrze.

– Zabrze was a heart of cardiosurgery and for some time it was also a model to follow, but time has the ability to change patterns – says Professor Jan Rogowski, head of the Department of Cardiac Surgery and Vascular Surgery at the University Clinical Center in Gdańsk.

Sixteen years have passed since the last simultaneous lung and heart transplant. – These treatments are not a surgical show, because here someone asked how many hospitals. No hospital in Poland at the moment will and is not doing such operations. Because it is not only a surgical feat, and each of us can do it and many colleagues in Poland will do it, but it is a huge job for the entire hospital – explains Professor Jan Rogowski. The University Clinical Center in Gdańsk has been implementing the lung transplantation program for almost five years.

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