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Doctors removed an adrenal tumor from a 5-week-old baby using virtual reality

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Oksana was diagnosed with an adrenal tumor. The girl is only five weeks old and her organs are very small. In order to precisely remove the tumor and not damage the neighboring organs, the surgeon from the Warsaw Institute of Mother and Child reached for virtual reality. During surgery, he put on VR glasses and rotated a virtual image of the tumor with his fingers, deciding how to crop it.

Mrs. Marta Kigielewicz is experiencing the hardest moments in her life – she gave birth to a child, but left the hospital without a child. The parents in front of the operating block waited in suspense for the news, because their five-week-old daughter had an adrenal tumor removed.

– From the beginning she is brave, strong, she does not lack strength, so we believe that everything will end very well – says Dawid Kit, Oksana’s father.

A very small child, small surgical instruments and an even smaller adrenal tumor that needs to be cut out very carefully – so the operating surgeon put on virtual reality glasses and rotated the virtual image of the tumor with his fingers, deciding how to cut it.

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– Innovation must bring some benefit, it cannot be that we do something differently and it will take us the same amount of time, effort and stress. Such an innovation is not an innovation – emphasizes Dr. Tomasz Maciejewski, director of the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw.

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They’re waiting for lab results

The director of the Institute of Mother and Child emphasizes that virtual glasses, previously associated rather with computer games, in this case are used to fight for a child’s life. Thanks to the large, clear image, the doctor can cut out the tumor precisely, leaving no cancer cells, and at the same time not damaging the neighboring organs.

– We are satisfied with the course of this operation, we removed the child’s right adrenal tumor – says Dr. Krzysztof Bronowicki, pediatric surgeon from the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw.

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In the laboratory, they will check whether there are any cancer cells in the tumor, and Oksanka’s X-ray will show whether it has been excised precisely, i.e., as doctors say, radically.

– If this treatment is radical, as we expect, if it turns out that all the exponents are negative, it may be that this will be the only treatment for the child and thanks to this, Oksana will be able to return home, develop like all healthy children – explains prof. Anna Raciborska, head of the Department of Oncology and Oncological Surgery of Children and Adolescents of the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw.

Parents hope that everything will end with just this one operation. – Joy, because I enjoy my child, I want to enjoy it as long as possible, but I’m worried. It is such an intertwining of these wonderful feelings, these worse worries, and it all goes through the head at once, says Oksana’s dad.

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