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Doctors want training in termination of pregnancy. “Many people do not follow the latest medical knowledge”

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A group of doctors appeals to the Supreme Medical Chamber. She wants training in the field of pregnancy termination, so that every doctor follows the latest medical knowledge, and every patient receives the same care.

After Dorota’s death in Nowy Targ, such opinions are never enough. – In the event of a threat to the life of a pregnant woman, we can terminate the pregnancy at any stage, even if the fetus is alive – informs Professor Hubert Huras, provincial consultant for gynecology and obstetrics.

Professor Hubert Huras is a voivodeship consultant who was called for advice by doctors from the hospital in Nowy Targ. Even such an opinion is still not enough. That is why a group of doctors appealed to the Supreme Medical Chamber for training in the field of termination of pregnancy, i.e. – as they write – one of the most frequently performed procedures in gynecology.

– For every doctor to follow the latest medical knowledge and for every patient to receive the same care – emphasizes Magdalena Liszewska, a gynecologist from the hospital in Oleśnica.

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The doctors who appealed to the Supreme Medical Chamber are already participating in such training, but in Great Britain. – This type of training does not take place in Poland – points out Gizela Jagielska, gynecologist, deputy director of the hospital in Oleśnica. Doctors found and paid for training abroad, where – as they say – everything is supported by research, and in Poland they got used to something else.

– There is very little training. This knowledge is passed on the principle that someone does it, so we do it too. Many people do not follow the latest medical knowledge, says Magdalena Liszewska from the hospital in Oleśnica.

She was in the hospital where 33-year-old Dorota died. Report from the maternity ward in Nowy TargAttention! TVN

Answer to the call

The appeal of gynecologists, in which they argue that “higher competences of doctors and doctors in the subject of abortion will increase confidence in the profession”, did not meet with professional enthusiasm. – The answers were: after all, we know all this, why do we need training. Well, everyone knows it, but the road to practice is very winding, informs Gizela Jagielska.

The Supreme Medical Chamber, when asked about the lack of modern knowledge about termination of pregnancy in the medical study program, answers as follows: “In Poland, universities have total autonomy when it comes to teaching, so you should turn to medical universities in this matter” – points out Michał Bulsa, president District Medical Council in Szczecin.

The impotence of the medical community prompted some of this community to act – If they do not create guidelines for us as they should be, at the highest world level, we decided that we will create these guidelines ourselves – says Dr. Michalina Drejza, a gynecologist from the University Hospital in Cambridge.

In a few weeks, the Polish Society of Sexual and Reproductive Health will start, and in it, world standards and the good of the patient come first.

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