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Doctors write to the prosecutor’s office for Adam Niedzielski. “This situation should never have happened”

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The Supreme Medical Chamber writes a notification to the prosecutor’s office regarding Adam Niedzielski making public the sensitive data of a Poznań doctor. It is not the first time that the authorities reach for citizens’ data. Legally protected, yet made public.

The Supreme Medical Chamber says that this is the last straw, and that it sees no possibility of further cooperation with Minister Niedzielski. – We react, it seems to us, adequately and quite urgently to a situation that is simply bizarre, outrageous and should never take place – explains Dr. Mateusz Kowalczyk, vice-president of the Supreme Medical Chamber.

NIL submits a notification to the prosecutor’s office, and those in power defend the minister. PiS seems to say that the ministry had good intentions. – This is an attempt to stop this practice so that people cannot choose their own drugs. That’s where this case came from – says Piotr Król, PiS MP. Indeed, by introducing changes to the system, the ministry wanted to limit the activities of the so-called prescription machines, where there is no greater control over serious funds. Doctors, however, alarmed that they had problems with completely legal prescribing painkillers and psychotropic drugs to patients. – Until yesterday, or even yesterday, doctors called the Chamber asking how they could help the patient – adds Grzegorz Wrona from the NIL secretariat.

– I had to work around the system, i.e. simply generate paper prescriptions. Do not send them to the electronic prescription system – explains Anna Bazydło, a doctor from the Residents’ Agreement. After the statement of one of the doctors from Poznań in “Fakty” TVN – on portal X (former Twitter – editor’s note) the Minister of Health spoke up. He gave the doctor’s name and said that he had written a prescription for a drug from a specific group on himself. – It’s unimaginable. Medicine and treatment is an area that must be intimate – warns Anna Bazydło. Doctors say that this is a warning for each of us that information about our health problems is at the hands of the authorities. – After all, the patient has the right to expect confidentiality of the information provided – says Grzegorz Wrona.

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The voice of the opposition

The opposition argues that the ministry’s actions are like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. With prescriptions issued for money, without tests and without contact with a doctor, it was necessary to stop, but it was possible to act differently. Doctors say that recent events have best shown that the minister knows where the problems are and could react specifically, because he has the tools to do so.

– Everything he needs to stop the operation of those places that he considers to be working incorrectly, he has in his hand, which he proved with this one tweet – believes Anna Bazydło.

PiS assures that nothing has happened, because the specific name of the drug has not been mentioned. However, a specific group of drugs was defined. In a later statement, the minister wrote that he was defending the interests of the Ministry of Health and patients. – He simply deals with (Minister Niedzielski – editor’s note) more PR on Twitter than solving systemic problems – says Paulina Hennig-Kloska, Member of Parliament for Poland 2050.

We hear from opposition politicians that the authorities have once again shown that they will not hesitate to reach for information about us whenever they need it. – Every official can access our personal data and use it in any way – warns Urszula Pasławska, PSL MP. Electronic systems in various areas of life have meant that those in power have this information in one place. The question is how they use them. – There is an authority that, instead of for our benefit, for our security, defence, social welfare and so on, does it against us – assesses Ewa Siedlecka from “Polityka”.

A call for resignation

Commentators recall how the police chief disclosed information about Mrs. Joanna, or how a prosecutor from the National Prosecutor’s Office, standing next to the Minister of Justice, revealed the name and surname of the person injured in Marika’s case, i.e. the woman from whom Marika tried to snatch the rainbow bag.

– There should be hard consequences against the Minister of Health, who should resign honourably, or should be removed, and this prosecutor should also. This is a violation of the law – judges Jacek Nizinkiewicz from “Rzeczpospolita”. No consequences are known in any of these cases at this time. – Public authorities are very willing to disclose personal data of victims of crime, or doctors, de facto patients. To take care of some business. As Minister Niedzielski said here, “to defend the image of the Ministry of Health” again at the expense of the right to privacy, the rights of patients and doctors. So self-interest is more important than the law – confirms Krzysztof Izdebski, Open Spending EU Coalition, expert of the Stefan Batory Foundation.

Main photo source: Facts after noon TVN24

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