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Does Duda think Kaczyński should leave? He promoted the one who criticized the PiS president

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What did PiS representatives hear from the president? “There was no clear declaration,” says Rafał Bochenek, who – together with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Ryszard Terlecki – participated in the consultations. PiS vice-president Antoni Macierewicz claims that it is about playing for time so that the PiS government lasts as long as possible. Meanwhile, Marcin Mastalerek, who believes that Jarosław Kaczyński should retire, was promoted in the Chancellery of the President just before the conversation with PiS representatives.

The president of Law and Justice, Jarosław Kaczyński, was not present at the meeting at the Presidential Palace. – All committees were invited, and they decide on their representation – informs Marcin Przydacz, minister in the Chancellery of the President.

Marcin Mastalerek took part in the talks and admitted in a recent interview that Jarosław Kaczyński should retire and everyone associated the absence of the most important PiS politician at the most important talks on forming a government with this.

Marcin Mastalerek recently received a promotion from the president and became the head of his cabinet. A moment before the talks, he was officially handed over the position at the Presidential Palace, which PiS considered an affront, although no one officially admits it.

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The composition of the delegation without Jarosław Kaczyński could also be perceived as an affront to the head of state – after all, the most important politician did not come for consultations with the president, only Mateusz Morawiecki, who has little chance of continuing to be prime minister, and with him Ryszard Terlecki and Rafał Bochenek. – We have indicated the directions of action that we are taking at this moment, because such talks are also taking place on our side, from our perspective – said Bochenek after the meeting.

Brodzińska-Mirowska: Why did Rafał Bochenek immediately issue a statement? Because he has a very important missionTVN24

Playing for time?

The party’s spokesman assures that PiS is already building a majority, is already negotiating and informs the president about it. However, the government spokesman informs that PiS is not building a majority, but will only start when the president entrusts PiS with the mission of forming a government. – We will talk about the potential formation of a government when we receive such a mission to form a government from the president – emphasizes Piotr Müller.

Even when it comes to building the atmosphere for possible talks with PSL, PiS is not in agreement. Marek Suski tried very hard to talk to Agnieszka Kłopotek from Trzecia Droga on government television, but he confused her husband with her father. Antoni Macierewicz, on the other hand, does not create an atmosphere – he talks about the Third Way in the worst possible way. Already at the weekend, the PiS vice-president spoke directly about what the activities of his party and the president were really about. – Fight for the Law and Justice government, i.e. the independence government, to function as long as possible. This is our main task, emphasized Macierewicz.

If PiS is playing for time, the president should take this into account, as well as the fact that Zbigniew Ziobro still and significantly does not want to say directly whether Sovereign Poland will create a club with PiS or its own club.

Main photo source: PAP/Radek Pietruszka

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