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Does the US have extraterrestrial technology? That’s what the former US military said

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The House Oversight and Accountability Committee questioned three military officials about UFOs. Congressmen asked whether they had personally seen alien vehicles or alien bodies, and whether these vehicles could be countered by US-owned weapons. David Grusch, a former US Air Force Intelligence officer, went furthest in his testimony. He said that there is a secret program to obtain the remains of crashed alien ships and that biological remains that did not belong to humans have been found in some wrecks.

This is a problem and the White House admits it. – These phenomena in some cases affected our training capabilities, the ability of pilots to fly, train and operate. That alone makes it a national security issue worthy of attention, said John Kirby, White House spokesman.

Therefore, the case of unidentified anomalous phenomena, or UAPs, went to the US Congress. Three retired servicemen testified under oath on Wednesday in the House of Representatives.

– Unidentified anomalous phenomena are in our airspace. They are underreported, but their occurrence is not rare at all. It’s everyday life – pointed out Ryan Graves, a former US Navy pilot.

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Members of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, before which the hearing took place, want the American government to be more open about sharing information about the UAP. “Some government agencies know more about unidentified anomalous phenomena than they say, but due to extensive information-disclosure practices, this data is not available,” Graves said.

Alien debris

According to one of the interrogated, the government not only keeps secret information on this subject, but also has been in possession of the remains of extraterrestrial objects for years.

David Grusch, a former U.S. Air Force intelligence officer, said biological samples were obtained from some of the recovered remains. When asked if they were human samples, he replied that they were not, and added that this was the assessment of people directly associated with the program.

According to the military, the matter requires seriousness, because – as they explain – superhuman technology, which they do not know, may simply pose a threat to the country.

– The technology we were dealing with was much better than what we have. Imagine if we took over this technology, recreated it and put it to use – we’re talking about something that can go into space or anywhere, land somewhere in a few seconds, do the job and fly away. And we can’t do anything about it. Nothing, said David Fravor, a retired US Navy officer.

Americans on the trail of UFOs. The Department of Defense releases the recordingsUS DoD

Mission observation

Two former F-18 fighter pilots shared what they saw during some training missions. – We’ve all seen a small, oval-shaped object moving rapidly over the water, like a ping-pong ball. When we approached it to a distance of nearly 800 meters, the object quickly accelerated and disappeared. You won’t believe this object flew 60 miles in less than a minute. You can calculate the speed yourself – said Fravor during the hearing.

We are talking about a speed of 6,000 kilometers per hour. This means that the described object, according to the witness, was moving at almost five times the speed of sound. Another pilot mentioned a different experience.

– During a training mission off the coast of Virginia Beach, two F-18 Super Hornet fighters were separated by the UAP. The object, described as a dark gray or black cube inside a transparent sphere, came within 50 feet of the plane’s pilot and was between 5 and 15 feet in diameter. The mission commander immediately aborted the flight and returned to base, Ryan Graves reported.

Hearing in the US Congress. The theme of unidentified flying objects, i.e. UFO or UAPPAP/EPA/JIM LO SCALZO

Pentagon Report

Two years ago, the Pentagon published a report on the UAP. Some encounters were not explained, other objects were described as balloons, drones, birds or even floating plastic bags.

– The name UAP basically means anything in the sky that is unidentified. There are many things these objects can be. If something flies over a military base and the military doesn’t know what it was, it’s classed as a UAP. It’s possible it’s just a drone. It’s possible it’s an airplane. It could be a balloon. These things don’t necessarily have to be related to aliens or some advanced foreign technology, points out Mick West, a British science writer.

No government representative testified during Wednesday’s hearing. However, a few months earlier, in April, the head of the Pentagon’s Office of Anomalies had appeared before the Senate Armed Services Subcommittee. He said his team had found no credible evidence of technology that defied the known laws of physics, but some of the observed phenomena were indeed unexplainable.

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Main photo source: Jim Lo Scalzo/PAP/EPA

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